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Elton John's most bedazzled outfits

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Sir Elton Hercules John, better known as Elton John, a music legend and fashion icon of the ’70s, gave us unforgettable looks involving feather boas, big glasses, platforms bigger than our problems, and every single extravagant look you can imagine (he even dressed like the queen once). His music career is worthy of celebrating thanks to beautiful anthems he and Bernie Taupin created together such as Tiny Dancer, Rocketman, Yellow Brick Road, Your Song, and my personal favorite, Take me to the pilot. With his 74th birthday this past week (March 25th), it feels just right to honor the singer by remembering my favorite looks from the English performer who has taken fashion to another level of extravaganza.

The Rocketman's style has been an inspiration for decades, including this year, where we can see brands adopting this extravaganza into their new collections. A clear example of this is the latest Gucci collection that showed embroidered suits, something we’ve seen Sir Elton John do before. We’ve also seen Saint Laurent making heavily printed blazers and other brands using crystals on their clothing; all of these designs look like something young Elton would have worn during the ’70s.

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  • The bedazzled Dodgers uniform

No Elton John’s style list is complete without the iconic Bedazzle Dodgers uniform he wore during a concert in 1975 at Dodger stadium. This look has to be one of the most popular looks when we think of the English star. This incredible suit was made by Bob Mackie, who was also responsible for bringing many of Cher’s outfits. Elton himself asked Makie if he could create this piece after being impressed by Cher’s costumes, and decades later, we still talk about this epic outfit.

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  • His 50th Birthday Suit

For the celebration of his 50th birthday, the singer obviously couldn’t have gone for a simple outfit; he went over the top with this elaborate costume designed to resemble Marie Antoinette. Complete with an 18th-century wig, this outfit brought all of the attention to him. With this, he proves that his extravagant taste is not limited to the stage only

Photo: Getty Images

  • His first performance

On August 25th, 1970, Elton John was first introduced to the USA music world with his performance at the legendary club, The Troubador, a small popular venue in Hollywood, California. This was a performance that is marked in music history, as we saw the iconic picture of him that looks as if he’s flying out of the piano for the first time. Although his outfit was more discrete than the ones he has worn after, this outfit is still remembered to this day. John opted for some lightweight overalls and long sleeve shirt with bold colors accompanied by a pair of extravagant boots he brought from London. His early style shows us a line between regular clothing and eccentric garments that acted as a preview of what we would see him wearing not long after that.

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  • The Walk of Fame outfit

In 1975, Sir Elton John received his well-deserved star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a massive milestone for any artist. So, he decided to dress for the occasion using a green suit with golden stars all over it, complementing it with a matching hat and, of course, a pair of star glasses. We wouldn’t expect less from the icon.

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  • His many, many iconic costumes

Through the years, we’ve seen Elton dress like a bumblebee, Donald the Duck, a mouse, a sheep, and many other characters while performing, proving that he knows how to have fun and entertain his public while beautifully playing the piano.

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  • The Muppet Show and the Feather Outfit

In June of 1975, Elton John made an appearance at the Muppet show, and for the occasion, he chose a very minimalistic outfit. Just kidding, he opted for a complete feather outfit that lives on our minds rent-free ever since then.

Photo: Getty Images

The sunglasses, the feathers, and the bedazzled uniforms. When we think of Elton John’s style, we think of over-the-top outfits that built the pop culture of the 70s. His style is an inspiration for many artists today, as well as his music. He opened the doors for expression, and this one of the reasons so many people now feel free to wear clothes they really love. So today, we honor him like the legend he is.

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