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The Importance Of Being Prepared

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Acting Workshops, Martial Arts Training, and Frequent Practice Are Some of the Tools Used by Daniel McDavid

Actor Daniel McDavid is currently with American Models and Actors, an agency in Newport, California, and is in the process of becoming a part of PMTM, an established, well-known agency in Ohio. PMTM has led him to improve his self-tapes through a workshop with actor and entrepreneur Josh Berresford.

How did you become interested in acting?

I was driving and I heard on the radio that AGB Studios Glendale, California. was doing acting evaluations, and I made it all the way to the end of the evaluation. I had the honor to learn about acting from David DeLuise and a group of other well-known actors

Can you tell us about your acting experience and any recent projects?

I took nine classes with different actors while at AGB Studios, and each week we would tackle a different aspect of acting. My recent projects include participating in a short film at Chapman University, a Finland commercial, a YouTube series, a modeling gig for Boy Scouts of America, and a Photo Shoot for Warner Bros. 100.

How do you prepare yourself for auditions or roles?

I thoroughly read the entire script, to see how my character fits into the story. Then I focus on my lines, and what feelings I get from my lines in the entirety of the story. Then I start making choices with the lines to see which choices are most natural and unique to me when portraying the character. Then I practice, practice, and practice my lines. Lastly, I see how alive the character is by viewing a self-tape of myself.

Are you comfortable with portraying diverse characters, including those from different cultures or backgrounds?

I am comfortable playing characters with different backgrounds and cultures, mainly because I find it to be fun and informative.


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Can you describe your ability to collaborate with others on set?

I would say my ability to collaborate with directors, fellow actors, and crew members is outstanding, because I am genuine and I’m willing to adapt to any circumstance.

What sets you apart from other actors in the industry?

My acting range and tenacity.

Do you have any additional skills or talents that could contribute to your success as an actor?

Yes. I have recently been taking Tae Kwon Do, and I became a certified personal trainer, which allows me to understand how to cut weight, as well as gain weight or muscle for various roles.

What would you like to tell our Heart Of Hollywood Magazine readers?

Nothing worth having is easy. The world operates through seed, time, and harvest. Failure is the mother of success.


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