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The Celebrity Gifting Lounge by Luxury Experience & Co Celebrates Health & Wellness

By Jessica Ross

Celebrities, influencers, athletes, and press from all over the city flocked to Cure Daily in Malibu, Ca for an exclusive gifting lounge celebrating health and wellness. The spectacular soirée was presented by Luxury Experience & Co.

During the event, Cure Daily and Luxury Experience & Co provided unique and luxurious gifts to guests, which included amazing products from Cure Daily, Hero Bread, DAX Haircare, Emsculpt, Harper Collins, Salt Wrap, Altha Healing, Dawn of The Earth, Shaklee, Calm App with Chibs Okereke, Chakrachai, and many wellness treatments such as IV Drip Lounge, Boxing Class with George Foreman III, Blow-out Stations. MEDSPA Abdomen Muscle Station, Master Injector Beauty Consultations, Meditation, and Yoga Lounge Experience Massages are all provided by Cure Daily.

Luxury Experience & Co selected a unique and diverse group of talent to attend, such as Anirudh Pisharody (FOX “911”), Cindy Cowan (Award Winning Producer), Clementine (Influencer), Jenise Spiteri (Olympic Snowboarder), Kathy Kolla (Actress/Director), Katie McLaughlin (Olympic Swimmer), Massi Furlan (Actor Jumanji: The Next Level, The Dark Knight Rises), Matthew Postlethwaite, Nia Dennis (Influencer and UCLA Gymnast), Ricky Glaser (Pro Skateboarder), Shaka Smith (Fitness Influencer), Venus Moore (Fitness Influencer) and many more health and wellness driven talent.

Jessica Ross, Kathy Kolla, and Hari Tahov

“LE & Co was excited to partner with Cure Daily to celebrate health and wellness in such an amazing backdrop in the heart of Malibu," says LE & Co Founder Melissa McAvoy.

Melissa McAvoy

About CURE Daily

We focus on your TOTAL health — physically, emotionally, mentally, & socially. Nestled in the heart of Malibu, our flagship location is a unique members—only private club, meticulously crafted and distinguished from any other. CURE provides the ultimate experience in health and wellness with unparalleled access to advanced medicine and lifestyle health options.

Jessica Ross and Chibs Okereke

This exclusive members-only private club is like no other – it was created for the modern, health-conscious individual who understands that their health is their greatest asset. Advanced medicine and wellness services are at your fingertips, with personalized treatments tailored to each member's needs. Whether you want to pamper yourself or take your fitness to the next level, this unique experience will provide access to the best health and wellness resources imaginable. Just imagine a holistic health community – all exclusively yours! – there's something for everyone!

Be sure to follow @CureDaily on social media. For more information, please visit

About Luxury Experience & Co

Today’s best brands align themselves with LE & Co Luxury Gift Lounges to get their products into the hands of the hottest names in film, television, and sports. With years of experience in Public Relations, Events & Business Development, we lead and develop effective key brand relationships. Recognizing the importance of brand awareness to our clients, we have created a complete package of services to maximize our client's return on investment.

Be sure to follow @luxuryexperiencecollc on social media. For more information, please visit

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