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"Tested", the Film & Movement, Aims To Change The World!

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

I had the honor of interviewing Producer, actor, writer, and musician Glenn Ratcliffe recently about the film and movement called, "Tested". Glenn approached me on LinkedIn about the film and asked if I was interested in hearing more about it. He shared some links with me, including the preview you can find a link to below and can be watched at the end of our interview tonight on Youtube. I was immediately on board.

You might even say we are gathering on a Super Yacht for the ride of a lifetime. The waves may get bumpy, but this craft won't be stopped, and once I fill you in on the incredible nature and goals for "Tested", I know you won't just want to see the film, once production is completed, but you will feel the need to be a part of our world movement.

Watch the film trailer here:

Who is Glenn Ratcliffe?

Headshot of Actor Glenn Ratcliffe
Mr. Glenn Ratcliffe/Producer, Writer, Actor of "Tested"

You probably recognize Glenn's face. He has been in the entertainment business a long time, after, like me, trying his hand at many other crafts and careers, finally realizing that he could no longer avoid what he was best at, and meant to do.

Glenn is a great actor who has appeared in film and television, with 55 credits to his name, including writing and a producer credit, each. Some of his credits include Bay Watch Nights 1996, Compromising Situations 1996, True Caribbean Pirates 2006, Family Bum 2013, Merry Ex-mas 2014, The Young and the Wrestlers 2015, True Nightmares 2016, Happy Hunting 2017, Shadow of the Monarch 2017, and I Love You 2019. Those hardly cover them all over 30 years of entertainment, nor the several projects completed and in production, yet to be released.

Glenn shared the story of "Tested" the movie with me, and we spoke mostly about the world today, and how we are all constantly tested to make choices in life. The big question for each of us is what choices should we be making, and how can we take part in growing the human population into a closer-knit family of beings that love more, share more, release negative energy, and falsities, and reach for truth, empowerment, love, action, and your own natural conscious thought processes led by light, and not darkness.

We also discussed his journey and a bit of mine, and came to the conclusion that we have led similar paths in life, and for a meaningful reason, we recently connected, while carrying the same desires to spread new hope and a new message to the world and to pull all human citizens of Earth into a bond of unity, goodness, and again, that very special and meaningful word you see in Revelations a lot - LIGHT! Have you heard of the children of light?

Glenn, and others, such as Walter Schmid, Daryll Marshak, and a list of wonderful entertainers, and business people have fastened on to this Superyacht of the "Tested" message.

This isn't a religious movie, however. The poster above and this article might make you think that the film is just about religion. But it is about redemption, empowerment of the unique gifts the Universe has granted us individually, that makes us each special, and born into a life and world that is supposed to exist in harmony, and this movie shows one man's hardships and path to becoming all that he can be.


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Become a Part of the "Tested" Movie and Movement

Here is a special invite from Glenn, himself, to you:


As you know, the world is fragmented, global warming, the ecological chain-breaking —homelessness and more, but we can say, there is a solution on its way- - an entertaining, spiritual uplifting movie.

If you watch Tested, pass it on to your friends and family and plug it on your social media platforms. You become a positive influencer because it’s essential that everyone hear about it. You do help many people. This is about the reality that happens right now and we all want to have a great life.

Another opportunity with this project arises for people who want to be engaged in this movie production or the movement financially, as an Investor or a company who would like to make product placements.

What’s in it for them?

The Tested movie Team is thinking several steps ahead to make money not only with the movie. You have options to have a role in the movie or join the team to observe filming activities, get connected with actors and celebrities. Let’s talk about it.

Help and support Tested to create the biggest movement in history, please contact - or

We are on a mission to make the world wonderful for everyone. Please, join us, or if you can, share this article, the links, and my interview with Glenn. Let us all, continue to love who we are, and find our own unique talents and the light we were born within our hearts and souls, and do this.

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