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Sustainable Elegance

Meet Maria Venturini, First Place Winner in Our Fashion Design Competition

Fashion designer Maria Venturini is known for her sensual garments, exquisite tailoring, and commitment to sustainability. We are proud to announce that she is the First Place Winner in the Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Design Competition.

Maria Venturini

Photographer: Simon Diez

Makeup Artist & Hair: Wallace Swift

As a child, Maria, who is originally from Peru, watched her very chic mother and grandmother sew beautiful clothes. After her mom passed away, Maria wanted to start sewing herself but was not sure how, even though she had inherited a sewing machine and plenty of sewing notions.

At that time, she was already highly educated, with degrees in international business, computer programming, and information management. Still, she decided to switch careers and attend fashion school.

She then earned a degree in fashion design with honors from The Art Institute of Seattle and received the Designer of the Year award in June 2017.

Models: Raven West & Nicole Eisman

Fashion Designer: Venturini Couture

Photographer: David M. Bailey

Hair Stylist: Caitlin Murphy

Makeup Artist: Natalie Johnson

Location: Europa at Court in the Square

Maria is now quite successful in the fashion industry. Her spectacular designs might feature high-end fabrics, recycled materials, or details such as beading.

“I love the holidays and enjoy dressing up for parties. I always get inspired by nature, especially the colors of fall and winter. The elegance of the Golden Age of Hollywood in the 30s and 40s also inspires me. I love that era,” says the designer. “I create eco-fashion by reusing fabrics that used to be something else to create a totally different look and design. For instance, I have turned an embroidered silk shower curtain into a pantsuit with a tulle skirt that can be added or removed. It can be worn to a party, as a wedding outfit, or just for fun on a summer day. I get all my materials from secondhand stores, yard sales and estate sales. I learned to reuse fabrics from my mother. When I was little, we did not have much money, so she collected used garments, washed them, deconstructed them, and turned them into something completely different. My mother is my inspiration, she was an elegant lady, with clothes inspired by Dior and Balenciaga.”


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Maria likes simple, timeless silhouettes. She ensures that her creations are sustainable by reusing fabrics, buttons, zippers, and so on whenever she can. She might also upcycle a garment by changing its sleeves, changing its length, or carrying out other modifications.

“Heart Of Hollywood Magazine readers will feel special by wearing my unique designs, because there is a story behind their creation”, Maria explains.

Our winner’s fashion label, Venturini Couture, features elegant, sexy, and fun outfits that are perfect for holiday celebrations.

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