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For Immediate Press Release: Monopole Fashion for Film Show 2024 Set to Dazzle in Cannes!

Talented Designers and Industry Experts Will Participate in the Upcoming Monopole Fashion for Film Show in Cannes, France

Recognizing Excellence: Honoring Emily Salveson, CEO of Streamline Global and Co-Executive Producer of The Trial Of The Chicago 7, a Film with Six Oscar Nominations and a Golden Globe Win, alongside Global Celebrity Influencer Hofit Golan

The Monopole Fashion for Film Show 2024, produced by Luc Steverink and Andreea Alexe and Giovanna Salas is set to take place in Cannes, France the evening of May 21st and going till the wee hours of May 22nd.

This glamorous event will showcase a stellar lineup of three exclusive fashion designers—Sandhia Manniesing, Aphero, and Tam Urbanek—alongside distinguished fine jewelry designer Shifteh Maryan and renowned accessory and furnishing designer Nicolas Gregory of NG design. Nicolas Gregory, with a 20-year career designing for Hermès, will unveil his latest bag collection at the Monopole Fashion Show.

The evening’s hosts will be Emmy Award-winning actor Vincent De Paul from TV show The Bay, Andreea Alexe of Monopole Events, and Giovanna Salas, film producer and CEO of Heart Of Hollywood Magazine.

Event City International, led by Luc Steverink and Andreea Alexe, is an established event planning company with 10 years of international experience. Their signature project, the Monopole Fashion for Film Show, was created to unite global audiences through its distinctive fashion and film networking opportunities. 


Sandhya Manniesing: Fashion designer Sandhya Manniesing, hailing from the Netherlands, is known for her exquisite, luxurious designs. Her brand, Passe Partout, encompasses truly regal creations and has graced prestigious fashion events worldwide, including Paris Fashion Week, Cannes Fashion Shows, and numerous showcases in the Netherlands.

Aphero: Since its inception in 1997, Aphero has established itself as a distinguished Dutch luxury fashion brand, renowned for its exquisite Stretch Lamb Leather collection. From glamorous destinations like Monaco and Palm Beach to cultural hubs such as Cannes, Zurich, Milan, and Paris, Aphero's designs have delighted fashion lovers. The collection evokes femininity, sensuality, and undeniable power. It features crystal net and metal paillettes, which add to its glamour and allure. Those who wear Aphero make a statement. They stand out, command attention, and leaving a lasting impression.

Tam Urbanek: Tam Urbanek, born in Vietnam and living in Berlin, Germany for over 15 years, is a creative fashion designer. Since 2015, she has participated in Fashion Hall Berlin's Beginner Gala during Fashion Week Berlin every year. Through collaboration with the model and event agency, she has had the opportunity to showcase her designs globally. She has participated in fashion weeks in Milan, Malta, and Paris. A memorable moment for her was a fashion show at the Embassy of Tunisia in Berlin, featuring all the women of said Embassy. She will soon show her designs in Palma de Mallorca, during the World Finale of the Miss Glamourfaces World 2024 pageant.

Schifte Maryan: Not only did Schifte Maryan study Visual Art and attend a fashion college, she also obtained certification as an interior designer. Since 2010, driven by a childhood passion, she began designing jewelry, which quickly gained popularity and fame. She has participated in various international exhibitions in the USA, Europe, and parts of the Middle East such as Dubai. Her jewelry has been shown in events such as Woman of the Universe and Miss Earth, as well as in grand balls, such as those held in Vienna. Primarily working with gemstones but also creating pieces with zirconia, her jewelry is crafted from 18-karat gold and .925 sterling silver, with stones that are sourced based on customer preferences. She travels worldwide to mines to find the perfect stones, and most of her pieces are unique and made to order according to client specifications.

Nicolas Gregory: Each piece by NGDesign leather goods is the result of ancestral know-how, combining traditional techniques and innovation to create unique items that stand the test of time. Imagine strolling through the streets of New York, Los Angeles, or Miami with an NGDesign handbag. These products are not just a fashion choice, but a declaration of individuality and belonging to a world of elegance and prestige. NGDesign also stands out for its commitment to the environment, as each product is manufactured in accordance with sustainable development principles. 


The Monopole Fashion for Film Show couldn’t happen without the involvement of other extraordinary individuals and companies.

Awards will be presented to Emily Salveson, CEO of Streamline Global and

Co-Executive Producer of The Trial Of The Chicago 7, a film with six Oscar

Nominations and a Golden Globe win.

 Emily Salveson

Another special award will be presented to TV personality, born in Israel, Hofit Golan, renowned as a highly sought-after model and spokesperson for some of the world’s leading fashion and lifestyle brands. Recognized for her significant contributions to film and television, she has garnered numerous awards, including multiple prestigious Forbes Influencer of the Year Awards

Celebrity photographer Benoit Joseph will be present. He regularly covers events in Monaco, such as the Grand Prix, and the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. In addition to his work with models, actors, and influencers, he also manages luxury brands, including champagne and fashion companies.

Guenter Weig is the founder and owner of, a renowned European modeling and pageant company based in Germany, which hosts important beauty events and fashion shows. The agency is set to provide gorgeous models such as Anna Laura Kauffmann, Laura de Zan, and Arbora Rrecaj.

The Boccabacio Beauty Team encompasses the world of makeup, hair, runway models, fashion, culture, music, styling, design, and merchandising. Roberto Dresia, beauty director, makeup artist, and hairstylist will be working his magic. Renowned globally for his talent, his career took off in 1994 with De 5 uurshow, a television program from the Netherlands featuring Viola Holt. Roberto is well-known for his makeup artistry with famous television and music personalities. 

Artist and singer Joop Gard Passchier, also of Boccabacio, will be the fashion runway backstage manager. He gained fame in the 80s in the South of Europe and in Latin America with the Spanish boyband Locomía, which he co-founded. Gard is also the creator of the iconic Locomía logo, which he made by hand. In the 90s, he wrote 11 songs and recorded his own album in Italy. In Miami Beach, Florida, he co-owned a trendy clothing store. As a stylist, he thinks outside the box. He excels as a coordinator and director for shows and events, bringing creativity to the forefront. He has worked with brands such as Fendi and famous artists including Freddie Mercury.

Fernando and Laura, a professional salsa dance couple based in the Netherlands, will delight guests with their intricate choreography and acrobatic skills. They have performed internationally and obtained great success.

DJ Leo Cadio is the stage name of Rico Pires Leocadio, a passionate DJ and producer from the Netherlands with Cape Verdean roots. His dynamic style blends afro house and afro tech, getting people to dance at every performance. 

Patrick Cohen, a Dutch cover artist from the Netherlands, will perform songs from Sinatra, Elvis, and many more. With his warm and soothing voice, he will take the audience on a trip down memory lane, a perfect fit for this fashion show.

MB Cosmetics Amsterdam, founded by Mariam Basajja, seeks to inspire confidence and self-expression through makeup. Their philosophy is simple: makeup should be fun, bold, and affordable. Recognized as the emerging beauty brand of the year in 2023, the brand blends science and artistry to enhance natural beauty. This brand has been present at various shows and events in the Netherlands including Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam, Diversity Fashion Week, Miss World Netherlands, East Africa Festival Netherlands, Miss Pride of Africa UK, Rotterdam Fashion Week, Kwaku Festival, and Supermodel Worldwide Netherlands.

Guests will get to discover TWC – The Natural Bottle, a groundbreaking solution poised to revolutionize packaging industries. The innovative bottles, to be unveiled at the Monopole Fashion for Film Show in Cannes, boast unparalleled sustainability by fully biodegrading in diverse environments, within a fraction of the time traditional plastics require— 3 instead of 700 years. This eco-friendly alternative not only reduces environmental harm, but also presents a lucrative investment opportunity. 

Entrepreneur Gregory Verlet will provide champagne. Inspired by fashion and art, he offers his vintages as expressions of the Sézannais terroir, which only benefits from being more broadly known. This champagne transcends audiences and worlds, through its singularity of style. Gregory has a unique oenological approach. His work is currently classified into two creative periods, a style that could be described as academic in his so-called classical period, and a more declarative expression which is found in what he calls his artistic peak.

Several special guests are set to attend the show. These include Patricia Chica of ChicArt PR, who is the President of Flirt Films; Patricia McKenzie, actress and producer; Tierra Jones, actress and journalist; Sam Menzou, actor, and Shade Pasquier, actress and more adding to the list.

Event Details 

Giovanna Salas


PH: 1 (323) 705 - 2111

Media Director & Producer Partner 

Monopole Fashion for Film Show 2024 Powered by Heart Of Hollywood Magazine 

Time & Location

May 21, 2024, 8:00 PM – 11:50 PM

Cannes, 1 Bd de Strasbourg, 06400 Cannes, France

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Photo Credit: Captured at the Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna, Austria. Featuring Giovanna Salas, CEO of Heart Of Hollywood Motion Picture & Magazine, alongside Luc Steverink and Andreea Alexe, CEOs of Monopole Event and Event City International.

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