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Guenter Weig, CEO of an International Model and Event Agency, Discusses Its Goals and Activities

Guenter Weig is the CEO who heads, a major European model and event agency. It started in the beautiful town of Dresden in 1990 and moved to Berlin in 2008. Guenter kindly spoke with Heart Of Hollywood about his business.

Can you explain what does? Yes, of course. seeks the best, most beautiful Glamour Faces of female models aged 18 to 28. We also support new talents in other fields, such as singers, dancers, and fashion experts.

What are the most important contests you produce, and where will they take place during 2021? There are two international beauty events. The first big event is Miss Glamourfaces World 2021, which will be held in September in Vietnam. It will feature over 40 models and 10 teen models from around the globe. In October, we’ll be at the Miss Black Beauty International 2021 event in Germany, specifically in Berlin. During both events, we will be working with wonderful models, international fashion designers, famous singers, VIP’s and, of course, the media, including Heart Of Hollywood Magazine.

What advice can you offer to our readers who are interested in modeling or getting involved in the fashion industry? They should definitely start when they are young. Also, they need to work with different photographers and in different types of shows, such as runways and beauty events, to learn many new things, gain experience, and meet new friends. Of course, sometimes it’s hard, too, but what job has only a good side?

What famous singers and personalities have you worked with? Sometimes I also work behind the camera, so every moment in my life is great. I was lucky enough to do a photoshoot with Elena Nuzman from Russia. She is a famous singer who opened the FIFA World Cup with a song. She was also on the popular Silvester Show at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin in 2019. She works very hard, and now this year, she has a new CD ready, which will be available on Amazon Music. Also, Iva Frühlingerovà from the Czech Republic and I had a re- ally great shoot. She’s a wonderful model, actress, and singer. has worked with an actress from Bangladesh, Opshora Ali; Erika Mitschrich from Canada; actor and journalist Spirit Hairapetian, famous jewelry designers Eduardo Liem and Imelda Liem from BaroQco Jewelry Design, and great fashion designers such as Lamia Latrous Haute Couture. I hope to meet Heart of Hollywood Magazine readers in some of the world finals of our events. They can take a look at all of what we do at and .

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