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Stormi Maya - Cinnamon Babe - Rock and Roll

By Dempsey Gibson

LA resident Stormi Maya, like her aptly given first name, is indeed a force of nature to be respected.

At the age 27, Stormi is now a veteran in the world of film and television. With 22 films to her credit and five television series nobody can deny her "Hollywood appeal" and viability. In the world of tinsel town Stormi is arguably best known by her starring role as Yennifer Clemente on the Spike Lee Netflix series "She's Gotta Have It". She also shines bright on the BIG screen as "Angel", a compatriot to Jennifer Lopez in the hit film "Hustlers".

Stormi's presence and "you can never forget you just saw her" beauty recently landed her one of the most coveted titles in magazine history. In March 2022 she was gifted the title of "Penthouse Magazine Pet of the Month". That distinction, only given to 12 women a year out of the hundreds of thousands who apply, helped grow Ms. Mayas already large number of platform followers to well over a million...making her an even stronger voice as a social media influencer. At this point if you think it can't get any bigger... you're about to learn, you were just in the eye of the comes the category 5.

In 2021 the Bronx NY native decided to pursue another of her creative not just any music, Heavy Metal Music. The heavier and harder, the better the metal music... and with that "Cinnamon Babe" was born.

Made up of various musicians supplying the rock to Stormi's roll Cinnamon Babe is more of a project than a traditional group. There are no real core members except Stormi who is also the songwriter, producer and lead singer. The other men and women are more like "guest musicians" than "bandmates" but whatever the combination the process works. Cinnamon Babes music is raw and in your face. (the ban of their song "Rock and Roll is Black" from platform giant Tic Tok proves that point) This band holds no punches, cares less if it offends and offers no other words, it's everything music should be!

Currently featured in the feature film “Divinity” directed by Eddie Alcazar and starring Bella Thorne, Cinnamon Babe/Stormi Maya is poised to make the earth shake and the seas rage ... just remember, you heard it here first!

Cinnamon Babe is recorded at Estudio Cite @estudiocitie and is engineered by BabyKid Jona.

Cinnamon Babe is represented by Maxwell Clayman @lonelywhitehomie

Cinnamon Babe @cinnamonbabemusic

Stormi Maya @stormimaya

Dempsey Gibson


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Dempsey Gibson is a writer, singer, actor, producer, voiceover artist and drummer originally from Kannapolis, NC.

Always a huge fan of television and film Dempsey began writing and creating his own work in 2012. His first foray into television was a male version of HBO’s “Sex in The City” he called “The Dearly Departed”. Buoyed by the local success of his first creation Dempsey began writing in earnest. Over the next six years Dempsey wrote and created eight television shows, two feature films and one documentary series.

Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Contributor

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Jul 26, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Awesome article. The concept of guest musicians is really cool. I have been following her for a while.

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