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Updated: Mar 8

Marianna Karapetyan Is the First Female Armenian Rapper and a Business Consultant

Marianna Karapetyan, aka Lil Mak Marialena, is a trailblazer and stereotype breaker. Her many alter egos show her to be an exceptionally multifaceted and versatile businesswoman. Creative and talented, she is involved in numerous fields and industries.

Marianna, known as the first female Armenian rapper, is also a business consultant, creative director of music videos and photoshoots, marketing advisor, fashion designer, and Women in Entertainment program creator and developer. She is a former manager at a nonprofit that she recently left to pursue other interests. She now concentrates on following her dreams regarding her fashion lines, growing as an independent general business consultant, working on oil paintings and new music, and pursuing professional acting.

She has been rebranding and redeveloping her unisex fashion line, LMM Est. 2008, and also an innovative, voluptuous line from Munaluchi Marianni Inc., which empowers women to embrace their authentic beauty.

All of Marianna’s websites have been designed by her. Although the website for her fashion line is still under construction, MK 360 Consulting Inc., which she founded, will soon be available at

Marianna is described as the crème de la crème for her agile and adaptable handling of business consulting, marketing, PR, and project, talent and event management and production. Her versatility, knowledge, and expert experience of over 15 years add value to any business. Her holistic strategic support and consultations for minority small business owners have helped many to start, build, and grow their companies. She has facilitated real opportunities for entrepreneurs to improve their businesses and establish their professional independence, marketability, self-sufficiency, product quality, and business life cycle.

MK 360 Consulting Inc. will help you plan, start, grow, and expand your business in any industry by providing you with consulting, coaching, and training. It covers a wide range of industries, such as general business, food, fashion, arts, and entertainment, and also provides consulting for brand development and political and marketing campaigns.

Marianna’s guidance will help startups to establish their brands and business structure the right way to avoid future issues.

“Staying in compliance with State and Federal requirements is crucial for businesses,” stated Marianna.

Expressing a fun side of business as art, she has also designed and planned major events like conferences, weddings, engagements, birthday celebrations, album release parties, expos, festivals, and live performances.

One of Marianna’s many passions has always been the entertainment industry. Her creative career began at a very young age, and on a high note, as the “first Armenian female rapper, known for shattering misconceptions and stereotypes” in hip-hop and rap genres, as stated in Armenian Chronicles, in 2009.

Composing and singing R&B harmonies and writing and rapping clean lyrics about philosophical life challenges that most people face is her unique signature style.


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“I care deeply about encouraging and empowering people to persevere and pursue what’s paramount to true happiness in healthy ways, such as embracing equality, diversity, inclusion, integrity, virtues, values,” said Marianna, and this is made clear on her website

She’s been spreading positive messages in her music and wearable affirmations to motivate peers and younger generations to recognize the importance of doing better, and to remind them to do so. She has created apparel with quotes from her songs that serve as a moral compass to enlighten people and raise awareness.

Marianna revealed her unlimited versatility in the couture industry with creative flair and panache. At a young age, she crafted an award-winning headdress mask showcased at the Craft & Folk Art Museum of Los Angeles. Her headdress was inspired by Mardi Gras, Roman emperors’ crowns, Greek soldiers’ helmets, and the Brazilian carnival. She has also designed and sewed Victorian-style couture, theater costumes, and jewelry for performances and photo or video shoots.

As a strong advocate for human rights, equality, social justice, and children’s diverse education, she loves empowering girls and women. Marianna endeavors to create a better future for her four-year-old daughter.

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