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Spring Cleaning

By Batista Gremaud

In the spring, we often think about new beginnings and fresh starts.

We can welcome the season by cleaning our closets, changing wardrobes, enjoying the outdoors, and seasonal fruits. Spring is a great time to rid ourselves of the old and open the door to new opportunities.

Spring cleaning is a yearly ritual in many households that brings a sense of freshness and organization to a home. The process includes deep cleaning, reorganizing, and decluttering a home to refresh your home and create a more peaceful and organized atmosphere.

First, list all the areas that need to be addressed. These include dusting, vacuuming, wiping surfaces, and scrubbing floors. Then, prioritize items to keep yourself organized and save time.

Here are a few tips to get you started:


Identify what items you need or don't need in your home or workspace. Sort them out and consider donating, recycling, or trashing what you no longer need or want. Doing so will free up space for fresh energy to flow in.


Reorganize your living space, drawers, and shelves, re-arrange furniture, and a separate area for specific things like books, exercise equipment, kitchen utensils, etc. to keep things in order and eliminate what can detract from the aesthetics of your home.


Cleaning and dusting each room will help to physically represent your desire to create a clean workspace. Remember to also open the curtains and let that sunshine in!

Tackle the demanding physical and mental tasks:

Write down tasks that require extra attention, like filing paperwork, paying bills, installation of any appliances and furniture, or deep cleaning those hard-to-reach areas.

Clear the digital space:

  • Go through your emails.

  • Unsubscribe from unnecessary newsletters.

  • Delete any excessive apps and files to declutter your phone and laptop.

Finally, create a system for ongoing upkeep so that keeping your home organized and clean will seem manageable. For example, consider setting aside a few hours weekly to do light cleaning, laundry, and dusting.

Properly spring cleaning your home and workspace will create a new environment with the right energy, propelling you toward your desired outcome and success.

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Spring Clean Your Energy Field

Release negative energy, old narrative, grievances, and grudges you may have been hanging on. This could be forgiving someone (including yourself), obtaining closure, mending old relationships, and learning from past experiences.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Breathe: Begin by taking deep breaths, relieving your body of stress from built-up energy.

2. Visualize the Universe removing any energetic particles from your field, not of your own natural vibration.

3. Intend to rid yourself of all negativity surrounding you, even if you are unaware of it.

4. Incorporate positive affirmations that can help clear any unwanted energy when repeated often enough.

5. Ground yourself by connecting with the earth. Breathe in energies of peace, joy, love, and breath out tension, pressure, and anxiety.

6. Smudge your energy field with a cleansing smoke, such as white sage, palo santo, sweetgrass, or cedar.

7. Use other spiritual tools like a singing bowl, crystals, or essential oils to cleanse your energy field.

Spring Into Fitness

1. Start a new workout routine - Schedule daily walks, jogs, or research and follow some at-home exercises.

2. Redefine Your Diet - Eating healthier is essential to any fitness plan. Swap out sugary snacks and processed foods for fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

3. Stay Motivated - Set goals, get a workout body, and accountability partner.

4. Enjoy the Process - Take time to enjoy your new lifestyle. Take note of how great it feels to move your body, pay attention to the scenery while walking or jogging, and find enjoyable ways to stay active.

5. Reward Yourself - Celebrate small milestones by doing something you enjoy, like a movie or massage.

6. Get Outdoors - Spend time in nature and get fresh air and sunlight. Exercise in the sunshine to get a healthy dose of vitamin D which can boost mental and physical well-being.

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Spring is beautiful when the air begins to thaw, and flowers bloom again. For many, spring brings hope as gardens burst into life, the sun warms the earth, and the countryside again becomes green.

It is a time to explore the outdoors and enjoy nature. First, there's the sound of birds singing, animals waking up from winter slumber, and the reawakening of plants and what they offer.

Then, as temperatures rise, it's the perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities, take a pleasant stroll, soak up the fresh sunshine, or sit and appreciate the beauty of nature that spring brings.


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Batista Gremaud is the CEO and president of Dr Fitness International, an International Body Designer, Strength Training Expert, No1 Best Selling author of Feminine Body Design, Empowering Fitness For A Pain-Free Life, co-creator of the Feminine Body Design online strength training mentoring system, co-host of the Esoteric Principles of Bodybuilding, Recipient of the most outstanding fitness program 2019 by The Winners Circle, Mastermind at Sea. and producer of the Dr Fitness USA’s THE SHOW.


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Roma Padun
Roma Padun
Nov 24, 2023

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