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Influencer Diego Valdez and His Success in the Fields of Acting, Fashion, Art, and Public Relations

Diego Valdez is one of the biggest social media influencers and Hollywood trendsetters of today. With 97/100 outstanding engagement levels, his work speaks for itself.

Diego knew early on that he was destined for the arts. He started out as a theater actor in Colombia and then transitioned into television, where he was a recurring character in numerous South American soap operas, including Retratos, Padres e Hijos, Un Angel Llamado Azul, and Ama La Academia, to name a few. Additionally, Diego’s handsome looks and exotic physical attributes soon caught the eye of the fashion industry, in which he achieved tremendous success, representing some of the most iconic fashion brands in Europe and Latin America– Diesel, Levi’s, Gibaud, Chevignon, Calvin Klein, and many more.

Diego Is