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Gorgeous Model Anita Lain Stigler States That Goals Can Be Achieved at Any Stage in Life

Anita Lain Stigler is a print, runway, and commercial model from Crest Hill, Illinois. She has devoted herself to service to others in the medical field. Anita loves having face-to-face interaction with patients and contributing to their care. She is also a mother of five boys, and has 12 grandchildren and a huge family.

Photo Credits: “IGYFASHION” TimeSquare NYFW

Designer Carlyle E.Williams Mua natural beat iamanitalain_stigler myself.

What made you decide to become a model?

I just decided to step out on a limb and audition for a show in Chicago, and to my disbelief I was one of the models selected. It was the Chalazion Fashion event by Harvey Washington at the DuSable Museum in Chicago.

Who is your inspiration or role model?

I would say my grandmother Luverne, who raised me when my mother couldn’t, and, of course, Beverly Johnson, darling.

What modeling experience do you have?

I have around four years experience as an amateur doing runway, print, and commercial modeling, as well as promotions. I recently had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the Fashion Life tour with House of iKons for the London Fashion Week, and also did other cameos around the United States.

What do you enjoy most about modeling?

I enjoy being a muse and I love the confidence I feel when I’m showcasing the designer’s masterpiece. Also, walking or posing in front of the camera, strutting on the runway, and meeting wonderful, beautiful, spiritual women of all colors.

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What are some of your biggest modeling accomplishments?

Getting over the fear. Wow, this question is difficult. An accomplishment is not taking it personally when I don’t get picked. I just keep trying. I recently got picked to walk the runway for The Model Experience, and I had spent two years trying to get cast.

Other accomplishments are that I now travel across the world for destination shoots, and I do fashion shows and photoshoots. I’m getting booked more often now, and it’s because of the dedication that I put forward to accomplish my visions and dreams this past year.

How do you prepare for a new photo shoot?

I communicate with the photographer to get all the info I need. I prepare my mind through meditation and my body with exercise and eating the right things. I also pack the things I need to bring. Last but not least, I relax and get plenty of rest!

Who is your favorite designer and why?

I have many favorite designers but I would say Rihanna, the pop star. She offers diversity in the industry and her brand Fenty is major. She became LVMH’s first black female head of a fashion brand when she collaborated with the world’s largest luxury conglomerate. Her lingerie line is off the chain. She is an incredible businesswoman who inspires everyone, men and women.

Why should an agency hire you?

I have something to offer with my flair, my style, my confidence, and my drive. I’m an energetic person with talent in my own way.

What is your message to our Heart Of Hollywood Magazine readers?

I want to be an example for women over 50 everywhere. I want to show that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. It’s never too late to pursue your goals, no matter what life throws at you. You can and you will. Age is not a factor.

Contact Anita

IG: @iamanitalain_stigler

FB: AnitaLain


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