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Actor Sven Kennedy Enjoys the Challenge of Inspiring Others

Sven Kennedy is an adventurer, actor, artist, warrior, and poet. He aims to inspire, motivate, and challenge everyone he encounters.

At this time, he works in film and television. His goal is to act, write, direct, and produce his own art.

Photo Credits: Mellissa J. Kennedy

When did you decide that you wanted to become an actor?

I was around 8 years old, and this happened right after I watched Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I loved the adventurous aspect of this career path, the imagination and use of creativity. Plus, the thought of making blockbusters that make people fall head over heels in love with movies and their characters is pretty awesome.

Who are your biggest influences?

Harrison Ford, Denzel Washinton, Ang Lee, Mark Hamill, Jackie Chan, Sir Ian Mckellen, Chris Tucker, Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable, Bruce Willis, and many others.

What is your strength as an actor?

Taking direction, improvising and using my body.

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How difficult is it to establish yourself in the film industry?

It has been an interesting learning experience–it's been fun but tough! I was blessed to get to work with Ang Lee on Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk and I learned much about rising to the top.

What's your dream, your ultimate goal? Do you feel like you're on the path to this goal, or do you feel as if you already achieved that dream?

To write, act, direct, and produce art that inspires and connects us. That’s my goal and I’m still working towards this. It's gonna be spectacular, just you watch.

What is your message to all your fans?

Believe in your dreams, they take you to wonderful places. And please take care of the earth; we only have one.


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