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Shanna Toft Successfully Revives the Performing Career She Had Put on Hold

Shanna Toft has always loved performing– from singing to dancing to acting to modeling. She performed from elementary through high school, and did some modeling in college, then met her now ex-husband and moved across the country to be with him. Five children later, they divorced, and she has been a single mom for eleven years.

Her love of performing never died, but she had so many responsibilities, and her children were all too young for her to rekindle her passion for performing.

“Now that two of them are adults and three are teenagers, I have much more time to put myself back out there,” explains Shanna. “My sweet friend Julia Telligman is a local photographer, and she gave me the nudge I needed to really get out there in late May of 2018, after I had signed with an agency but wasn’t overly happy with it. Julia sent me to audition for a competition, and I was accepted. I spent all of June preparing my competition materials for the state level and moved on to the national level.”

It now excites Shanna to check castings and bookings every chance she gets, and she often makes more in just a few hours than she does in a whole day in her other contract work– and she has two master’s degrees.

“It is so much fun to be paid to play, and I am so grateful I have gotten a second chance at my dream,” Shanna says. “My children have been in multiple feature films with me now, and we are loving every minute of my revived acting endeavors! My two oldest even worked with me on Cruel Summer for two and a half months! Both of my daughters wish to pursue acting, and my three sons are having fun with it when I get to have them with me, too. If there is a passion for something, there is a way to achieve it. Don’t ever let anyone extinguish your dreams– if I can do this as a full-time single mom of five, anyone with a passion for acting can, too!”

Shanna is an actress specializing in film and television, but also does theatrical performances and some modeling.


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“This very minute, I am most proud of my supporting roles in three upcoming feature films. Most importantly, though, I am proud of those who have supported me along the way and have given me the nudge I needed to rediscover myself and my talents outside of day-to-day work and household activities,” she says. “I am proud of everyone with a dream and the drive to achieve it. I am proud of those who inspire others and who help others without expecting anything in return. Everything happens in its own time, but nothing is out of reach when there is a deep passion for it.”

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