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Sandhya Manniesing: Design and Fashion

As consumers, we like to search for unique pieces of clothing to make a difference in essential everyday clothing. We search for accessories to make a statement and distinguish ourselves from others and express ourselves because that is what fashion is all about. Today in this article, we will show you a brand that does exactly that, a brand with distinctive and beautiful pieces that will take your breath away called All together by Sandhya Minniesing.

“You just found your royal touch” is the brands’ slogan, and those are precisely the words to describe this style, royal style, dramatic, and unique. The brand owner is Sandhya Minniesing herself. On her online store, you can find various items, from dresses, shoes, and purses, each of them with a distinguishing factor and dedication put into creating these pieces.


The Netherlands brand has a profound inspiration on royalty style, and you can see it deeply in all of their designs. Themed and inspired by the dreamy stories of queens and princess, All together by Sandhya Minniesing is a remarkable fashion brand in which the smallest detail takes center-stage, and for sure will make you feel part of royalty. Their main influences are the Eastern countries and French Baroque; Sandhya creates her fabric, making each design from haute couture. "Unique in its kind, gracefulness, and elegancy is what Sandhya desires with her collection."

To check more about this brand, we will leave you the link to their webpage:

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