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Roger Burnley is a Hollywood intuitive life purpose coach also a Mystic.

By Joseph Patrick Fair

Dialog: Joseph Patrick with Roger Burnley from Empowered Conversations.

Dialog: Joseph Patrick Fair interview with Roger Burnley.

Joseph Patrick Fair: Good morning Roger we have had a very interesting friendship over the last two years.

Roger Burnley: Yes we were introduced by Seth Greene (Domination Marketing/Shark Prenuer Podcast) (See book mark 1) I think it was October 2020.

Joseph Patrick Fair: Yes, that is correct. October 2020.

Roger Burnley: Back then I said some things that were surprising and a little shocking! Back then we discussed your Book “To Die A Hero. End of Watch #1. (See bookmark 2) We also discussed the idea of the book pivoting to a film someday! I said my spiritual intuition is saying that will happen sometime in the future! You should chase that Dream.

Joseph Patrick Fair: Yes, I remember that conversation! I felt obligated to chase that dream! Your coaching kept me showing up authentic embedded in that identity. I ask how it will happen? You said you don’t need to know! Just keep visualizing the results.

Roger Burnley: Very Interesting

Joseph Patrick Fair: Well…. Roger as of recently. I am in talks with LifeGiant Studios to convert my book to Film! Your intuition 24 months ago predicted this. Very thankful!

Roger Burnley: My intuition is a force that I have always known about and was afraid of therefore, I ran from it. Around 1988 I found myself willing to act on it.

Back in 2012 I became aware that things were changing in the world. I was supposed to move to helping people in self-development. Help people move to their authentic-self (Mirco) To help the world heal (Macro).

Joseph Patrick Fair: Please tell me how you became a life purpose coach and mystic?

Roger Burnley: I knew that I needed to test my abilities to understand my gift and coaching program. I set-up an online program: What? is the answer to your question. You were there at the beginning of that program.

When I saw your book and what you were talking about it would make sense that you have something to give the world with your creativity. My job was to coach that potential out of you.

I was aware the world was moving to a place of healing and your book dealt with Law enforcement and bringing people back from crime and the lost places people get to when they are disconnected from their purpose.

We all have something of value to bring to the world if we accept it and believe in it. We all have doubts and that is where I come into coach people through that stage of their dream until they see results. Then their dream becomes self-sustaining.

I just want people to be Happy, Successful and Prosperous. That’s all because everyone has that ability if their willing to move through their blockages. If I help one person discover their gifts inside I consider that a win. I am an expert at this subject because I doubted everything I had and needed to live the metamorphosis to understand it. Therefore I am an expert in moving people through their own metamorphosis.

Joseph Patrick Fair: Roger when I met you, I had a little belief to move my creativity to the next level. Through working on my embedded belief systems I found my courage to act. Like many things there was sacrifice and long time commitment.

The secret for me is the courage to act and make that phone call or send that email is the key that goes in the lock that opens the door to opportunity. Your coaching and message kept me honest to that mission.

Roger Burnley: Most people Know there is something they need to do! They feel led to dreams or a vision. If they talk about it often they feel doubt in their heart. This is completely normal but also what keeps them trapped. My job as their coach is to give them the strength to break down or suspend disbelief for a period of time to see results. Sometimes it’s a month, other times longer.

Often the message I share around the war in Ukraine is that this is tragic but also “Out of chaos comes unity” The world must cycle through situations to come to a better place. We are moving through a time of great change.

Joseph Patrick Fair: You said something priceless and timely. “You gotta have some chaos to move to unity”. If you study history and World War II (Book mark 3) you discover there was chaos then after the war people were forced to move to unity.

Roger Burnley: Energy is ever present it’s always here the only thing that matters is how we use it! Are we going to start a war or heal the world? The choice is on us. One person's positive energy is powerful but when we unite that energy is multiplied. If I am putting energy into the world that is going to have an accumulating effect. If I am being happy and getting on with the things I need to do then I am putting that energy into the world. Conversely, If I am hating myself and putting that energy into the world then I am going to look at other people and start doing that to them. If we can’t make our world look right then we make everything in others look wrong! There is alway a solution and the right solution is always a win/win.

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Joseph Patrick Fair: When I choose a win/win results I am motivated to continue down that path of discovery. When I don’t often I feel like I am caught in procrastination. I will let you discuss that subject.

Roger Burnley: Yes procrastination, I suffered from perfectionism and other fears. I started my development program to help people release their fears and find their authentic-self. I tell them give me a month and they will see what they need to do to move toward authenticity.

I call my development program the last development program because it works and I guarantee the results.

Joseph Patrick Fair: Yes it works.

Roger Burnley: in 2019 I published a book called Overcoming Fear. (See book mark 4) Overcoming Fear: A Guide to Freedom - Roger Burnley copyright 2019. In this book I didn’t know why I was doing it, I just knew I needed to do it!

Joseph Patrick Fair: I loved it, you had a lot of courage to write that book!

Roger Burnley: Thank you…. It was challenging to put myself out there but, I know I have to because what I have will make a difference in someone’s life so I just have to give that back!

Joseph Patrick Fair: Roger, thank you for the interview. Let's do a second interview when you have the time.



Joseph Patrick Fair is a father to college age twins Jenny and Ryan; they are the center of his universe.

He lives in West Michigan. Also, he is a retired Police Officer and Firefighter who served his community for over 25 years, after a near fatal on duty accident found his inner-author.

His writing is trademark courage and camaraderie with a sprinkling of small-town-ism.

On any given day, Joseph can be found writing or championing a philanthropic cause. He is a man of purpose and meaning in life.


Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Contributor

For more information on Joseph and to meet our other Heart Of Hollywood Contributors click on the link below:


Writer: Joseph Patrick Fair is best known fot his Police Fiction Novel- To Die A Hero. End of Watch #1.

To Die A Hero. End of Watch #1.


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