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Diego Torres Kuri, Featured in Movies, TV, and Videos, Is Set to Amaze Audiences in India

Up-and-coming actor Diego Torres Kuri is best known for his role as Liam in TV series Life as a Mermaid. He has worked in a variety of films, TV shows and commercials. He had, and took, the opportunity to act alongside Steven Seagal and the late rapper and actor DMX in Beyond the Law. In his short but exciting career, he has also worked with other amazing stars, directors and producers, including King Bach, Mario Van Peebles, J.C. and Kian.

Photo Credits: Ana Belen Torres Landa

Diego, who graduated from the Victoria Academy of Dramatic Arts and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, is a founding member of The Actors’ Society.

He is also featured on projects with hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, including The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey’s official music video for Closer, among many others.

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