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Model and Event Agency Owner Margit Tietz and Her Lengthy, Successful Career

Margit Tietz owns model and event agency Tietziana, and has been working in the fashion industry for 54 years.

Her name has been synonymous with fashion, beauty, and unusual, eye-catching, graceful fashion for many years. She was once honored as the “Grande Dame” and style icon of the fashion world in her hometown of Magdeburg, Germany. In 2010, she was honored as a “partner for economic development” by this German city.

“I pass on my many years of experience to young models and also to 45+ Best Ager- Classic Ladies and Plus Size Models. I learned the basics of modeling in the 1970s at the Heinz Bormann company in Magdeburg, Germany. Heinz Bormann was a couturier known as the ‘fashion czar of the East’. I trained as an industrial clerk, and due to my very good performance, I was then able to study engineering economics for construction in 1971. For many years I worked at an engineering office. But my interest in fashion kept growing,” Margit recalls.

In the 1980s, she founded the first modeling agency in what was then East Germany. She organized fashion shows and was already training models back then. As an event and model manager, she was responsible for the success of many events.

There is a pageant where winners are named Miss and Mister Sachsen-Anhalt. Margit has discovered many Misses and Misters Sachsen-Anhalt in recent years and was a member of the jury for the “Miss Germany Corporation” event. She has also been a part of numerous fashion shows, such as those supporting People’s Solidarity, AWO, and Caritas.

“My main concern is to bring some joy to the older generation. I do all of this, of course, as a volunteer,” says Margit. “In my agency, I showcase Best Ager-Classic Ladies. I offer fashion shows for fashion-conscious women in their prime, women of all sizes. We do photo shoots and styling consultations.”

For several years now, she has been the representative in Germany for BaroQco Haute Couture Jewelry.

“I was appointed ‘Heart Of Hollywood Model International’ by CEO Giovanna Salas in 2019, and I am a VIP member of Heart Of Hollywood Magazine in Germany. In 2020, I successfully took part in the Online Digital Red Carpet Festival hosted by Heart Of Hollywood Magazine, and presented two international designers and myself, reaching 19 countries around the world,” Margit explains. “In 2021 I became Mrs. Universal Empire Germany, a title awarded by the MUE Entertainment Company International London, in Great Britain. I also became an ambassador for MUE in Germany and Eastern Europe.”


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Margit enjoys helping national and international designers become better known and placing them at different fashion events. Her agency has been working with designers and boutiques for 15 years.

“I organize fashion shows myself, and last year I spontaneously organized and carried out a gala to benefit Ukrainian seniors. This way, I was able to make a contribution in solidarity with Ukraine,” she says. “Also, my agency specializes in Best Ager-Classic Ladies fashion shows in different locations.”

Margit loves that she was able to turn her hobby, fashion, into a job, and that she can make people by introducing them to the world of style.

“I put my heart and soul into what I do, with great joy! It is my dream and my calling. I live for fashion! Fashion can sometimes help ensure that there is peace in this world and that different people on Earth understand each other and live together in harmony,” she says. “I have a message for Heart Of Hollywood Magazine readers. Wear fashion that you like with all your heart, and do what you do with a lot of enthusiasm and love. Then, you will be successful“.

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