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A Photographer Creates a Collection of Inclusive Images that Transmit a Message of Hope

By Arezoo Jalali

It is known to us all that justice and peace thrive together, and by peace, we don’t mean peace at any cost, but peace based on justice. To live in a peaceful world, it is all races’ responsibility to contribute their best to create the most inclusive and just world bursting with love for all humankind. This collection is my diminutive contribution, a collaboration of art and fashion intended to create an expression of love, peace, and justice intertwined.

This collection is inspired by peace and harmony within the world in which we live, as I believe that no individual shall allow unique differences in humankind to disconnect us as human beings. This collection was inspired by the slogan quotes, “My country is the earth. I am a citizen of the world which consists of only one race- The Human Race”.

This hand-painted collection shows people from different ethnicities living together in amity.

The goal for this collaboration of art and design is to distract the viewer, for a moment, from the loud roars of negativity that has diverted most of us, and to remind us that there is much more optimism, beauty, and hope in this world than one might like to confess.


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