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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

An Exclusive Backstage Interview Describing Everything That Went into This Issue’s Main Photoshoot

Robin and Stefan are the founders of 12 Months of Beauty, the company that was in charge of producing this issue’s cover shoot in the Netherlands.

Robin and Stefan, how did it feel to make your vision for the Heart Of Hollywood Magazine cover come to life?

The official hairdresser for 12 Months of Beauty, who happens to be one of our friends, Sanjay Ramcharan, has his own hairdressing salon: Addict Haarlem.

This salon transports you to a world of glamour from the roaring twenties. We thought it would be the perfect setting for the Heart Of Hollywood Magazine cover shoot.

This setting also goes very well with the image of 12 Months of Beauty. After we suggested this location to the team, everyone was very enthusiastic and they further enhanc