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One-Year Anniversary Celebration Heart Of Hollywood Spanish-Language Interview Series

One year ago, Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures, LLC launched two podcasts for the Spanish-speaking community.

We faced many challenges, and COVID-19 had become a global issue. Nearly everyone was experiencing depression, fear and confusion; and lockdowns were in full force.

Our producer, Giovanna Salas, was working on an international online Virtual Red Carpet at the time, yet she decided to also structure two podcasts. Their titles were Los Sonidos del Arte (The Sounds of Art) and Comparte tu Corazón (Share Your Heart). Their goal was to feature interviews with interesting individuals that would give hope to the community.

We needed a Spanish- speaking video host and we found Gaby Balderrama, who was perfect for the job.

We had met Gaby back in 2019. That year, we had a casting call for an interview host that would be part of our first international gala, which was held in Mexico. We received a video from Gaby and selected her. She did an amazing job interviewing all our guests at the time.

On July 28, 2020, we launched the new podcasts, and Gaby was on board once again, now officially as part of the Heart Of Hollywood Team. "It has being an unbelievable year of challenges and the need for perseverance, but we must continue bringing hope. I'm very proud of the fact that we can share our hearts with our Spanish- spaking community," said Giovanna Salas.

Today, host Gaby Balderrama and all of the Heart Of Hollywood Team are celebrating one year of interesting and impactful interviews that brought smiles to our audience during one of the hardest times for the company to overcome.

We wish our host Gaby Balderram continued success with the podcasts and thank her for being our voice within the Spanish-speaking community.

Your donation will help us continue to produce these channels and support more artists in our global community.

Host Gaby Baderrama

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