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Nominations for the 2023 NFTY Awards Close on April 15

Nominations for The NFTYS, the first ever live global broadcast show of its kind recognizing the cultural innovators who are redefining fashion, art, music, entertainment, and technology across the metaverse, will close at midnight PST on April 15, 2023. The NFTYS are executive produced by web3 entrepreneur Chris J. Snook and E! Entertainment Television co-founder Larry Namer. Nominate your favorite projects for free now at

To be eligible for NFTY Award consideration, nominated candidates must demonstrate one or more of the following: inspire, enable, validate, empower, or unlock the potential, use, or education of people on the vast array of web3 solutions, and the necessity for web3 adoption through their work and project.

The nominees who make the final shortlist will be announced on May 15, 2023. Winners will be unveiled during the live broadcast to be held at The NIKO Theatre at Worre Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada at 8 p.m. EST on June 14, 2023.

“What’s unique about The NFTYS is that qualifying nominees can compete alongside some of their favorite celebrities and their web3 projects,” comments Snook. “Some of our famous nominees who have received public nominations for certain categories in the early returns include Beeple, Steve Aoki, World of Women, Project 17, Punk6529, Gary Vaynerchuk, Michael Saylor, Raoul Pal, Caitlin Long, and Bored & Hungry, to name a few."

The NFTYS’ 14 categories are:

The Nakamoto NFTY- Innovator of the Year

Honoring exceptional innovators driving ground-breaking advancements in technology in the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin.

The Unsung Trailblazer NFTY

Celebrating hidden pioneers, past and present, shaping technology's future with impactful contributions.

The Cultural Tastemaker of the Year NFTY

Recognizing influential web3 trendsetters shaping the cultural narrative through creative excellence that inspire mass adoption.

Web3 Fashion Innovator of the Year NFTY

Celebrating visionary designers revolutionizing fashion in the decentralized web3 space.

Bridge Builder NFTY

An empowering leader whose work is connecting web3 innovations to tangible, global change and movements.

Most Influential Celebrity NFTY

Acknowledging prominent celebrities with their own projects and that are champions of web3, driving adoption and mainstream awareness.

Protocol of the Year NFTY

Celebrating transformative blockchain protocols driving innovation and reshaping industries with their network effects and technology.

Visionary Immersive Reality-Artist of the Year NFTY ("aka The VIRA")

Recognizing trailblazing visual and mixed-reality artists merging digital and physical realms, captivating audiences.

s3rv3nt Leader of the Year NFTY

Honoring influential policy shapers and legislators driving progressive change for a better global society through web3 technologies, blockchain, and DeFi.

Open Source App of the Year NFTY

Highlighting exceptional web3 applications that are transforming industries, redefining user experiences, and creating orders of magnitude gains in productivity or data security.

Thought Leader of the Year NFTY

Celebrating visionary thinkers, researchers, and communicators inspiring change and shaping and advancing web3 industry discourse with insight.

Native Web3 IP with IRL Biz Collaboration of the Year NFTY

Celebrating the most innovative blend of new (native) web3 or NFT Intellectual Property licensed to create a new in-real-life business or product for customers to love.

NFT of the Year in Sports, Entertainment, or Music NFTY

Celebrating visionary use cases of Non-Fungible Tokens in the worlds of sports, media, and music for unlocking new business models for fan engagement and community commerce.

The People's Project NFTY-

People's choice for most enthusiastic web3 project community by sheer number of unique nominations received.

People and projects qualifying for more than one of these categories can be nominated by the public, their following or themselves as many times as they wish, with only unique votes to be counted, for any of the categories, and in particular, The People's Project NFTY.

“The NFTY is an iconic reflection on the historical depth that culture has always played in moving society into its next revolution or evolution,” comments Snook about the award design. “The award is a representation of the bold and bright future that lies ahead because of the creatives and innovators that earn her recognition.”



“Our goal with the presentation of the NFTY Award is to become a true career highlight for its winners, and a genuine keepsake befitting of the honor it bestows on its recipients,” adds Namer.

Each NFTY will be simultaneously minted as a digital twin when awarded to the recipient on the XRP Ledger as part of the support received from the Ripple Creator Fund, with an enhanced and vibrantly animated 3D digital twin and model of itself with each winner's metadata. This will be stored on the Arweave PermaWeb to ensure an immutable historical record of the awards.

Brand partners seeking to be part of The NFTYS can request the sponsorship deck by emailing:

ABOUT THE ACADEMY OF DIGITAL ART, SCIENCES, & CULTURE (ADASC) - ADASC is a social benefit diversified DAO advancing the benevolent use of breakthrough technology innovation across Art, Sciences, and Culture. Its membership includes a variety of invite-only and public tiers that form the decentralized and diverse nomination committee of awardees and grants at its annual public celebration and broadcast of The Annual NFTY Awards Gala. For more information about membership to the Academy and nominations for The NFTYS please visit

Twitter: @thenftys

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