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New Year’s Advice for Goal Diggers

By Billy Montgomery Many say they do not need to wait until the New Year to transform their lives, but the tradition of making resolutions continues anyway. While crushing goals are part of the annual practice, apparently shattering them comes with the territory as well.

According to the stats tracker website, living healthier, having better relationships, and committing to financial goals were among the top determinations people focused on heading into 2022. Annually, these plans consistently rank among the top resolutions that are broken shortly after each new year starts. In fact, according to the December 2021 Psychology Today article “Creating Meaningful Resolutions for 2022,” 80 percent of resolutions are broken within the first month. While they’re meant to be positive attitudes for self-improvement the biggest roadblock with resolutions is that the intentions are not always well thought out and there is a lack of real

accountability, according to one Los Angeles area organizational counselor. “Sometimes you might need to do a pre-goal for that ultimate goal to be accomplished,” said Dana Powell, owner of D Powell Consulting Group, LLC, a consulting company that assists organizations in maximizing human capital. She added, “You’ll get easily discouraged if you feel like, ‘Oh, I didn't stick to that goal, and I don't want to change it because then it would feel like a failure.’” Often failing to reach planned goals results in people beating themselves up for breaking resolutions, but Powell said that timing should always be factored in when making resolutions. “A lot of the times (people break resolutions) is not because we didn't do something right, or that we’re messed up and failed in life. Sometimes it is just not the time for it,” Powell said. She added, “Accept what it is, even if you're not exactly where you thought you would be. When we force it, it just sets us even back further. Do not be afraid to just embrace the place where we are.”

Many motivational speakers and life coaches mention how getting started and practicing consistency with little steps are often overlooked in setting goals. For example, resolutions to exercise more are popular as gyms are heavily populated during the first weeks of January, only to gradually lose attendance as the weeks and months go by. At that point, some people give up and push their goals to the next year. To counter that slide, Powell said thinking in small increments can lead to greater achievement.

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“For example, I might not be the type of person who is going to do CrossFit or run a mile but maybe it’s going for a walk for ten minutes or cutting back on the dairy products I love,” Powell said. “It’s doing things a little bit each time.”

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