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Nerissa Reaves Reminds Us That Good Credit and Generational Wealth Is Sexy

Good credit is sexy and so is generational wealth! — Born and raised in New Haven, CT by a single father who encouraged her to make education her number one priority in life, Nerissa was destined for greatness. Although her academic affairs were a great financial sacrifice for her father, he made sure that she studied at the best schools and opened her mind to worldly experiences. For example, Nerissa knows how to speak fluent Japanese and even had the chance to work as a translator for the Japanese Consulate. Therefore, his guidance prepared her well to gain the skills necessary to be the millionaire that she is today!

Her education includes a B.A Spelman College Magna cum laude and M.S from the University of New Haven Suma Cum Laude along with many other recognized certifications. Some of them are Alumni of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, Alumni of Leading Educators, Certified Japanese Fluency Level 4-Japanese Consulate, Franchise Owner with Novae Money, and Inc 5000 inductee-fastest growing private companies.

After achieving all of her academic success, Nerissa came to the realization that there is a serious lack of financial education in our school systems. It drove her to become a part of changing the narrative by helping this generation and those to come to elevate their knowledge in financial literacy. Aside from educating strictly on finances, Nerissa strives to emphasize the importance of having the brains to match your beauty to women and young ladies.

As a model influencer herself, she knows all too well of the stereotypes a woman can fall under; which is why she feels that it is important to level up your mind. Today, Nerissa operates her Mother brand, Professor Honey’s Credit & Lending. It’s a company that offers personal and business credit, funding, and lending services.

What sparked your interest in advocating for financial literacy?

I actually ended up in the financial literacy sector after sharing my story with so many others. Some years ago, I ended up in a bad financial mess that cost me everything- my business, my house, and my car. As a result, my credit score tanked into the low 500’s and I ended up sleeping on my friend’s couch. I was grateful to have a roof over my head but I started brainstorming ways that I could get back on top, quickly. I had heard about credit repair from others but I didn’t believe that it could really work. Honestly, I thought credit repair was just a scam. But, I was so desperate that I sold my jewelry to pay a company big bucks to fix my credit.

Less than 9 months later, my credit score was in the 700’s and I started leveraging my new score for my new life. I became a believer in the power of credit repair! I used this power of credit to get a new home, a new car, I bought a franchise, and even got Airbnb units, too. After that, I started teaching other people to fix their credit and leverage it. My passion for helping others turned into a business-just like that.

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

I love truly helping people transform their lives and I love seeing the tangible results. It feels amazing to be a part of so many people’s stories. Professor Honey’s Credit & Lending is powered by the Fintech company called Novae Money. Together, we have helped over 50,000 people fix their personal credit and we’ve helped remove over 1.5 million derogatory items from people’s credit reports. In the world of business credit, we have helped about 10,000 entrepreneurs and affiliates start new businesses, accessing funding, and create additional passive revenue streams.

How does your work make an impact on you personally?

I feel strong and empowered every day so the impact is positive! I also feel pioneering because I know there are not many women who have showcased “brains and beauty” in the ways that I have. But, honestly, I also feel like there is a lot of responsibility on my shoulders because I know I’ve been called to help my people change the trajectory of their lives and break generational curses. Sometimes, the pressure of how much needs to be done overwhelms me but there is nothing I’d rather be doing in this world. I look forward to learning more, sharing more, and growing more as a servant leader. I feel like I am just beginning.

For those who want to inquire, what can they expect from Professor Honey's

Credit and Lending?

You can expect to transform your personal credit score to the 700’s-even if you have a score

now in the 400’s or 500’s now. I know a lot of people feel as if it can’t be done because they

made so many financial mistakes, but that is not true. We know how to give you a second

chance. In the world of business credit, you can expect our team to help you build your entire business credit portfolio from scratch, help you get business credit cards, tradelines and even help you secure funding.

What are some of your best qualities that make you an outstanding entrepreneur?

My perseverance is my number one quality. I don’t give up and I push harder than most people I know. You have to have perseverance in the world of entrepreneurship because the odds are typically stacked against your success. Statistically speaking, 90% of startups fail during years two through five. So to withstand the odds of being a statistic, you have to have the toughest skin and a clear vision as to where you are headed. That way NOTHING will stop you.

What would you say to people who may be afraid to learn more about credit and lending?

Anything that is meant to help you grow in life is going to be uncomfortable. So get ready to get uncomfortable if you truly want to change your life and the lives of those who are depending on you.

What else would you like our readers to know about you?

I want you to know that I’m building an army of financial warriors. So, if you are looking to join a powerful mission, contact me. I’m looking for men and women who are passionate about changing the financial trajectory of our people. We will train you if you are willing to go out here and help transform the lives of others.

Did you know that an 800 credit score is worth $100,000 in buying power? This means that 1000 people with 800 credit scores is 100 million dollars in buying power. We can change the face of our communities around the nation by putting millions of dollars of our own money into our schools, businesses, etc. This is not hard. We just need to come together and get it done.

How can our readers connect further with you?

If you are interested in becoming a financial warrior on my team you can email me or follow me on IG @thehoneyloaf and send me a DM. I take the time each day to respond to all of my emails and DM’s so you will hear from me directly. Also, you can go to and join our mailing list.

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