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Money-Making Ideas and Resources for Creatives

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could figure out a way to make your artistic work your full-time job, so you could dedicate all your time to doing what you love – without worrying about how to pay the bills? For many artists, including performance artists, such a dream scenario may feel almost impossibly out of reach.

Nevertheless, there may be ways you can bring in extra income without sacrificing your artistic endeavors. Yes, you might have to be creative, to make it work, but being creative is what you’re good at, right? So here are some ideas from Heart of Hollywood Magazine that might be able to help you balance dedication to your art with the need to bring in a livable income.

Figure out whether you can monetize your art itself.

Thanks to the digital age and ecommerce, there are far more money-making opportunities available to artists than there once were – at very low cost, too.

  • Sell your art, or print copies of your art, via an online platform. Use an existing, global art marketplace to reach a larger target market.

  • Or you could work on commission, creating custom pieces for clients.

  • Sell your art online as a digital product and generate passive income so you have more time for creative work.

Consider teaching art classes, or classes relating to art.

Instructing art students in classes or workshops can be an excellent source of income while also giving you and your art more exposure.

  • Get certified as an art teacher so you can apply for jobs at area schools.

  • Advertise your services as a freelance art instructor in real life, your community, or online.

Start an art-related business.

You may not realize it, but a lot of what goes into being a talented artist can also contribute to entrepreneurial ability: creativity, willingness to think outside the box, motivation, and intuition can all help you if you decide to base a business on your artistic work.

  • Have a clear idea for your business and make sure there is a niche for it in your market.

  • Learn the basics of starting a business successfully.

Some guidelines for keeping your artistic venture successful.

Whatever direction you decide to go in – freelancing, workshopping, or entrepreneurship - this is what you need to do to stand out.

  • Aim to be unique and original. Of course, every artist’s work is unique, but your customers need to see what sets you apart from the competition – what you have to offer that no one else is selling.

  • Maintain discipline – not only in your artistic work, but in your marketing, in your management, and especially in your finances.

  • Know how to brand and market what you’re selling.

The great thing about starting a money-making venture based on your art is that it can actually make you a better artist. You’ll be motivated to be more productive and pursue excellence. You’ll get the opportunity to network in a broader artistic community. And instead of having to ditch your art to go get a boring day job, you’ll have more time for seeking inspiration and creating new pieces.

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Mar 19

Exploring money-making ideas and resources for creatives is essential in today's dynamic economy. Just as HitPay empowers businesses with its integrated payment processing system, creatives can leverage diverse revenue streams to monetize their talents effectively. From selling digital artwork online to offering creative services through platforms like HitPay, creatives have access to a wealth of opportunities to turn their passion into profit. With the right tools and strategies, they can navigate the financial landscape with confidence and unlock their full earning potential.


Nov 21, 2023
Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Inspiring read! Your blog is a treasure trove of ideas and resources for creatives. A must-visit for anyone seeking inspiration and practical tools to fuel their creative journey.

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