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By Katherine Zammuto

Patti Stanger is a pioneer in the matchmaking world and had a tv show called Millionaire Matchmaker for several years, long before. Reality shows were a common trend She has written books about the subject and is the owner of a Luxury Matchmaking Company.

Last week I sat down with Patti and she gave some great insights to help us find the right person without wasting too much time or energy. Here are her most important points:

1. WHEN MEETING SOMEONE THROUGH A DATING APP, BE PROACTIVE AND TELL THEM YOU WANT TO COMMUNICATE OUTSIDE THE APP: If they do not call you soon and make an effort to establish communicating, they are not the person for you. She also mentions that the person you are going to meet should make the effort and come to you, not the other way around. “If a man is lazy on the first date and will not drive to you, imagine in the future…” I completely agree!

2. DON’T HAVE SEX TOO SOON IF YOU WANT A RELATIONSHIP: If you are looking for casual sex, by all means go for it; but if you want a relationship, get to know the person first, take your time and don’t feel pressured. The right man will wait for sure.

3. LOVE YOURSELF SO MUCH THAT IF A RELATIONSHIP DOES NOT WORK YOU KNOW IT WASA NOT FOR YOU: In other words, self-love should always come first!! If someone is not for you, let them go, knowing the person will show up!!

4. PICK TWO OR THREE NON-NEGOTIABLES AND STICK TO THEM: Think of certain things that you absolutely want/need in a relationship and make sure whoever you are going to date has those characteristics. For example, if dating someone who is successful and ambitious is important to you, don’t waste your time going out with a guy who is happy with his 9-5 job – it will not make. You happy in the long run.

5. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THE WRONG PERSON: You should always rather be alone than with someone you are not supposed to be with. Love yourself, love your company, and wait until the right person for you comes along!

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Much love always, Kat


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