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Meet: Sharan Walia Executive Producer for television talent show;“International Indian Icon".

By Bobby Leigh

Q: Thank you very much for speaking with our readers and us. I think that our readers are going to get a lot out of our conversation. It’s not everyday that one gets fist hand knowledge into a Global Talent television show. So thank you.

So, what is “International Indian Icon” and how did you become involved?

A: INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON - 3iii (Three Eye) is World's 1st Global on-line and on-site talent platform to give opportunity to any talent of any talent category of any age group of any gender from any part of the world without any restrictions to showcase his/her talent at City, State and Country level. Winners from City are moved to State Level and State Level winners are moved to Country level competition and Country Indian Icons compete at International level to become an INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON of his category and age group.

Be an ICON of your City, State and Country, Become an “INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON”.

Q: Wow! So, anyone in the world can submit and how does one do it?

A: Any one from any part of the world can register for FREE on two 3iii website or and on 3iii Apps (iPhone or Android) and can upload their video to show case their talent to the world absolutely FREE.

Anyone who wants to compete in 3iii competition, needs to schedule one of the following 3 types of auditions by paying Audition Fees.

A. On-line Audition:

By uploading video or picking one of the uploaded video as audition video.

B. On-line LIVE Audition:

By scheduling online live audition by picking one of the scheduled on-line live Zoom Audition or by scheduling on-line live zoom audition with one of his favourite listed judges by paying listed judges audition fees

C. On-site Audition:

By scheduling on-site audition by picking one of the listed on-site auditions, if scheduled in his/her State or Country.

Q: So how do you see all these artists, actors and dancers from all over the world? How do you pick the top people?

A: Anyone registered as FREE is called 3iii Talent and can upload any number of videos on 3iii website / App for world to watch.

This is called 3iii Level-1.

Anyone interested to participate in 3iii competition, needs to schedule audition by paying audition fees and by becoming 3iii participant BY paying audition fees.

This is known as 3iii Level-2.

Winners from City Levels Auditions (L-2) are moved to State Level Competition (L-3), State winners are moved to Country Level Competition i.e., Country Icon (L-4) and all Country Winners compete at L-5 for INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON title of each talent category and age group.

Q: Is this kind of like “America’s Got Talent”?

A: America Got Talent picks only 1 winner. 3iii Picks winners from each talent category across all 3 age groups at City level, State Level, Country Level and then International Level. 3iii wants to recognise as many talent as possible across all talent categories across all age groups without any restrictions.

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Q: Why is it different?

A: On-line and on-site Model. Show must Go On. We did not stop even in COVID.

Any one of any talent of any age groups of any gender from any part of the world is eligible to participate, No Restrictions.

Any one with any financial capacity having any kevel of talent should be able to participate online or onsite.

Every one has right to showcase his/her talent online or onsite from any part of the world at international level.

Any Talent , Any Gender, Any Age Group, No Boundaries,

No Colour, Any Language, Any Form of Talent, Solo/Duet/Group

No Restrictions at All.

Q: What’s involved in being on the Jury?

A:3iii International Jury has many roles to play as per their convenience and availability

- 3iii Mentor & Coach, 3iii Judge

- On-line Video evaluation judgment

- On-line Live Zoom Audition Judgment

- On-site Audition Judgment

- Paid on-line video evaluation to give video feedback

- On-line / On-site Coaching

3iii International Jury is formed with experts of each talent category from multiple countries to judge competition at City, State, Country and International level.

3iii Jury evaluates competition in their own City, State and Country and travel internationally to judge International Indian Icon as recommended and advised by 3iii Producer Gee Vision Inc.

Q: After the Jury does their thing, then what happens next?

A: Jury after judgment compile the result to declare winners, 1st and 2nd runner-ups and judges choice.

Jury mentor the participants globally online / onsite as per participants requirements

Jury evaluate the paid videos for video feedback.

Q: Do you have final Judges?

A: Yes, Jury on flyers are final judges e.g., Arko, he’s an famous Indian musician, a music composer, and signer-songwriter, also, Bobby Leigh an British American actor and music manager and Mauna Shah a supermodel, Miss Universe Asia and Indian actress for Season-6

Judges give live comments while jury give score on judgment sheets and comments as needed and asked by judges.

Q: Who are the Judges and how do they pick who is best?

A: Judges compile the score given by all jury members to declare the result

Judges decision is final decision.

Q: How do you pick the Judges?

A: Judges are picked for each talent category expertise and depending on the budget. Judges are responsible to pick the winners, 1st and 2nd runner-ups and judges choice depending on the scores given by jury.

Q: What happens after the winner is selected?

A: Winners are awarded during Grand-finale

Winners are given opportunities in Music Videos, shows what ever possibilities comes across.

Q: What does the winner take home?

A: Trophy, Medal, Certificates and endorsed prizes.

Q: Any last thoughts or comments?

A: Challenges:

3iii is a Global Concept to bring global talent at one platform so that Global talent community can help each other.

3iii goal is to get opportunities for all level of talent community across the globe e.g., if any producer, director, show organisers or events planners or casting manager are looking for any talent in any part of the world, they should be able to find talent of all calibre by searching on or 3iii Apps by checking their credentials, profile, popularity and their work so that they can get in touch with talent directly without any middle management. Jury and Judges may come across opportunities across the globe through 3iii.

3iii goal is to make annual feature film, short films, music videos, web-series etc. to give opportunity to winners and deserving talent from 3iii global pool of talent. 3iii is a concept, vision, mission with global goals and objectives but without any budget. We are looking for investor, sponsors and TV channels who can support the concept to take 3iii to next level.

Need Budget for:

- 3iii Marketing & Advertisement to reach maximum number of talent across the globe

- Production to make good quality episodes

- Working Capital

Gee Vision Inc. is committed to keep 3iii going at whatever level possible with available budget on-line or on-site.

Q: Thank you again Sharan for your time and sharing with our readers and us your knowledge.

A: Your welcome.


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