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Meet: Sharan Walia Executive Producer for television talent show;“International Indian Icon".

By Bobby Leigh

Q: Thank you very much for speaking with our readers and us. I think that our readers are going to get a lot out of our conversation. It’s not everyday that one gets fist hand knowledge into a Global Talent television show. So thank you.

So, what is “International Indian Icon” and how did you become involved?

A: INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON - 3iii (Three Eye) is World's 1st Global on-line and on-site talent platform to give opportunity to any talent of any talent category of any age group of any gender from any part of the world without any restrictions to showcase his/her talent at City, State and Country level. Winners from City are moved to State Level and State Level winners are moved to Country level competition and Country Indian Icons compete at International level to become an INTERNATIONAL INDIAN ICON of his category and age group.