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Meet Johny Pach, TV Personality

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Johny Pach, a charismatic British celebrity TV Host and Podcast Presenter, has recently relocated to Hollywood to become the host of America’s Next Investment. For those who don’t know, America’s Next Investment is a show that features a variety of companies looking to raise capital. The show, which aires on CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business, focuses on each company’s capacity to purposefully market to potential investors, and encourages companies to transform supporters into investors by leveraging investments from investors in a 12-month fundraising cycle. Research suggests that these channels have some of the largest audiences across the globe. CNBC, for example, reached a whopping average of 84.9 million viewers a month in 2020. With audiences as large as these, it’s extremely likely that you’ll be seeing Johny and America’s Next Investment on your TV very soon!

As the show’s host, Johny Pach will be interviewing all the exciting companies and entrepreneurs that appear on America’s Next Investment. Pach’s proven interviewing technique will allow him to get the most out of those on the show, thereby allowing the entrepreneurs to have the best chance of raising capital. On top of his role as an interviewer, Johny Pach will be responsible for presenting within the studio, creating and managing the show’s video content, and presenting on red carpets on behalf of America’s Next Investment (and the show’s clients). Johny will, in other words, act as the face of America’s Next Investment in Hollywood and across the world.