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Learn Modern Fashion With Zainab Bassam

By Mohamed Ragab

Fashion has meanings and connotations greater than its definition because our choice of clothes in most cases is the apparent expression of our tools and personalities. It is an aesthetic expression linked to time and place reflected in our need for clothes, accessories and even the lifestyle itself. Today with us is Zainab Bassam an 18 year young woman who succeeds in the world of fashion in a wonderful way, and shows her talent to the world in coordinating clothes and colors.

Zainab Bassam wears a hat and a green blouse
Zainab Bassam

Fashion is like a fertile soil that, if the appropriate conditions are prepared for it, reaps fruits, and it is also the result of the interaction of various factors that influence each other to give us a new fashion. Finally, fashion is related to people's acceptance or rejection of it

This field has many talented people who add happiness and spirit to fashion houses and the public.

Tell us when you got in and what pushed you into the fashion world?

This passion started to develop and enter this world about a year ago. I’m interested in this position because I believe it will allow me to advance in my career. I also see that this is an opportunity to improve my abilities. I have a passion since childhood by choosing and coordinating clothes and I want to develop this in the fashion world.

How would you describe your style in the world of modeling?

One of the most important thing is that your style expresses your personality.My style is strange, simple, elegant at the same time , and this is what is known in excellence.

We know that the road to success is not smooth. What are the most memorable moments in your life?

The death of my father was the main reason for my dependence on myself to develop what I love and start my career.

And to help my mother with our basic needs.

I was ridiculed a lot because of my slim body and I was upset, but I learned self-love is a great thing.

I always like not to talk about my dreams because when I talk I feel frustrated by people’s ridicule because my dreams are beyond imagination, so I want to prove dreams and not talk about them.

Zainab Bassam on the swing
Zainab Bassam

Your current interests. What do you do in your free time. Perhaps you love collecting and art hobbies, because they lead to the acquisition of great skills and knowledge, and are not intended for reward, but for pleasure. Spontaneity, and it may be an innate or acquired habit.

Tell me what do you do besides fashion and the things you love to do?

Content making is love to my heart and one of the most important topics is self-love. It is a feeling like owning the world with happiness, love and appreciation…No one feels you or wishes you good or loves you like yourself, then topics such as: lifestyle - trend -makeup-life experiences-discovery and adventure ( discover cultures -travel - theatre acting).

I love acting and fame, so now I started theatre courses and the first experience will be shown after several days. Adding, I study business administration for the first year.



What do you want our readers to know about you?

I don't know how to express my friends my love for them, but there is no life without friends (feeling loneliness),,,, I love and appreciate myself a lot, a beloved, entertaining personality, I constantly turn towards goals that I draw for myself and strive to achieve, I carry in me the spirit of childhood and its spontaneity, and I store my mind very much but I am a good listener to others, honest, responsible. And I believe one day I will definitely reach my dream. My family is the most precious thing I have

In your opinion, what can society do to support the talent?

The community must prepare talented people and provide them with experiences, experiences and various aspects of activity. The community prepares special programs for talented people that help develop their tendencies and social skills, which provides the opportunity to appreciate the talents of these children, which leads to building a future also encouragement and pride in what their children do.

Zainab Bassam in nature
Zainab Bassam

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Tammy  Reese
Tammy Reese
May 08, 2023

Well done!

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