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Updated: Apr 18, 2023

By Sandy Rodriguez

Persistence, resilience, and trusting the process is often the key to success. This is particularly true in the entertainment industry, where constant rejection is par for the course. Actors, for instance, need to develop a thick skin and learn from every “no” until they get a career-changing “yes”. In this issue, contributor Aaron Marcus explains how to deal if an agent turns you down. His advice is excellent, and yet I acknowledge that feeling like you will eventually succeed requires a leap of faith.

I myself am taking a leap of faith right now. I am about to embark on a financial commitment which will likely require me to take on a second job in addition to my current full-time one. But I will be investing in my (very deserving, extremely bright) child’s future, and I am positive it will be worth it. Also, who knows? A solution to make this more manageable might present itself.

Sometimes, people who are struggling in different ways find that others are rooting for them. For instance, our cover model is the amazing Tema Staig, founder of Women In Media. Her goal is to have 40 to 60 percent of the crew working on any show to be made up of women and gender nonconforming people. Her organization’s advocacy is helping many creative, talented individuals who otherwise might be overlooked for projects.


The day Tema’s cover was shot, I also got to meet actor Phil Morris in the studio. He played Johnnie Cochran-inspired attorney Jackie Chiles on Seinfeld and was one of my favorite recurring characters. His father, the late Greg Morris, was on the iconic TV series Mission: Impossible, which debuted in 1966. Phil was interviewed by Elisa Plata, one of  Heart Of Hollywood Magazine’s on-air hosts. Check out their conversation at

Lastly, if you’re planning to be in Cannes for the upcoming film festival, let Heart Of Hollywood Magazine know so you can meet up with our team members who will be there. I’m not going, but I will be eagerly awaiting updates on how Johnny Depp’s new film does. I’m curious to see it once it comes to American theaters.


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Entertainment expert (and Heart Of Hollywood Magazine editor) Sandy Rodriguez is the author of Choose to Prevail, a book designed to help the reader navigate life more confidently.

It is a collection of nonfiction essays, written from the heart and with a sprinkling of humor. From dealing with problem people or making peace with your appearance to letting go of envy or getting comfortable with public speaking, this slim volume has you covered.

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