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Editor’s Letter


By Sandy Rodriguez

My hope for this issue is that you will be motivated to push past your limits in order to further your career or your personal growth.

I am always proud of the work that Heart of Hollywood Magazine CEO and Publisher Giovanna Salas does, and this time she has outdone herself. She, along with several team members, are days away from covering the prestigious Cannes International Film Festival. Even more impressively, she is about to host the Monopole Fashion for Film Show 2024, a big event in that French city, alongside Andreea Alexe of Monopole Events and Emmy Award-winning actor Vincent De Paul. Designers, models, and industry greats from around the world will be present. 

Giovanna strives to strengthen this publication’s global presence every day. Although there is so much conflict going on in the world, she believes that the arts can bring creative people together for friendship and collaboration.  

As if the upcoming event weren’t thrilling enough, I'm also very excited about this issue’s cover model. David Miln Smith has been described as a real-life Indiana Jones. He was a trailblazer in different fields, including extreme sports, cross training, global travel, and even male modeling. He is a published author and is now getting ready to release three new books about his athletic exploits and unique life experiences. 

David has been a strong advocate for physical fitness, and the same could be said of another one of this issue’s interview subjects. Katie Garcia is a Pro bodybuilder who competes in the Bikini division at an elite level. Considering she also has a full-time career as a Deputy Sheriff, I was eager to learn about her time management tips. 

We are featuring other fascinating, inspirational people and projects in this magazine. Italian actress Chiara Basile Fasolo is one of them. Although she is now mostly based in Los Angeles, she decided to share the beauty of Italy with international audiences through her show, Italian Dream - Villas & Castles, available to stream on Prime Video.

Speaking of movies, I recently attended a press screening of Hit Man, a fantastically funny action comedy starring Glen Powell. Scheduled for release in late May, it is based on a newspaper article about a mild-mannered professor who becomes an undercover agent. 

John Stamos of Full House does not appear in Hit Man, but he attended the screening as the presenter for the evening. If you are a fan of his, I would recommend reading his memoir, If You Would Have Told Me. It’s packed with info few people know, including the fact that a magazine editor who became obsessed with him ended up marrying the notorious serial killer known as the Night Stalker. 

Have you read any intriguing books or seen any good movies lately? Drop us a line and let us know which ones.


Sandy Rodriguez

Editor, Heart Of Hollywood Magazine

P.S. Need even more motivation to push past your limits? Perhaps you’d like to read Choose to Prevail, a book I authored. It is a collection of nonfiction essays, written from the heart and with a sprinkling of humor. These offer ideas for dealing with challenges or insecurities and becoming more confident.  

You can also get it for free, in e-book format, from the LA County Library or the Los Angeles Public Library websites.

IG: @choosetoprevail

FB: Choose To Prevail

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