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Lacoste X Ricky Regal: The Bruno Mars fashion collection

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

We all know who Bruno Mars is (if you don’t, then I’m here to tell you that you’ve been living under a rock). He’s a singer, songwriter, a fantastic dancer, and now, he just became a fashion designer and model using an alter ego named Ricky Regal. Bruno Mars not only announced new music (which we are extremely excited about), but he also announced a collaboration with the exclusive brand Lacoste, a brand that he accepted to collaborate with because, in his own words, “Going to school, if you had that crocodile on your chest, that meant something” (Mars to Vogue Magazine 2021).

Photo: Lacoste

This collaboration presumably began about a year ago, with Mars being 100% involved in the creative process of designing every piece that we will see in the upcoming collection named “Lacoste X Ricky Regal.” This line represents what Bruno Mars thinks an elevated version of himself would wear (although it is hard to imagine a more stylish version of himself). “I wanted it to feel like, whoever that person is wearing it, they’re the coolest guy at the party. They’re not trying too hard. It just flows and feels right” (Mars to Vogue 2021). As for where the name Ricky Regal comes from, Bruno told Vogue magazine that this is the name he used when making fashion clothing, “When I’m on stage, my name is Bruno Mars, when I’m making lavish, luxurious garments, I go by Ricky Regal.”(Rolling Stones Magazine 2021)