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LA Actress Stars in Seams and Screens

By Billy Montgomery Life as a Hollywood actress can leave many hanging by a thread, but the owner of a repurposed clothing store decided to add an additional stitch to her platform.

The online store is the brainchild of LA actress Camille Calvin who said she launched the site to express her love of fashion. In addition to offering stylish garments, the self-proclaimed thrift lover’s portal also affords customers a sustainable clothing shopping experience.

“I’ve always had a big interest in fashion,” Calvin said. “I was influenced by engaging with my mom, grandmother and watching runway shows growing up.” Her childhood fashion buds blossomed as she attended college at Albany State University where Calvin majored in business administration, but still had a desire to get into clothing design or theater arts. “My mom didn’t want me to focus on fashion, so I put it on the back burner. But watching my fashion design college roommates create projects made me envious,” Calvin said. As destiny would have it, moving to Los Angeles a few years later rekindled her fashion flame as she started working on production sets.

“My first job ever was working as a wardrobe assistant. Then, I became a wardrobe supervisor, supplying wardrobe for actors based on their characters,” Calvin said. “There is a lot that goes into every scene. It helped me to understand production even more. I would read production scripts to see wardrobe needs before reading feature scripts for my own acting roles. It helped to prepare me [for acting and production].” As she pursued her acting career, Calvin’s love for clothes remained and she began thinking of ways to vary her outfits, which spurned the idea of the website. “I don’t like being seen wearing the same thing, but I had all of these clothes,” Calvin said. “I saw all of the different marketplaces offering opportunities to sell my clothes, and then I decided to offer them on my own site.” With nearly 600 products, offers an array of dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, outwear, and accessories. Away from the site, the actress Calvin is best known for starring in the Lifetime Movie Network film “Deadly Cheers,” playing the role of Brianna (2022). She can also be found on screen in a myriad of other production roles including the whimsical YouTube feature, “Boyfriend Material.” The show features four women rating men’s sneakers as an assessment of their dating compatibility. She is also working behind the scenes on the development of her own film projects. “I am a hopeless romantic, a visionary, and a believer in the good of all things,” Calvin said. “I am an observer of the human experience, and I try to funnel all of these things through acting and storytelling.”

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Billy Montgomery is a veteran photojournalist, writer, and digital content producer. As a media producer, Montgomery has worked with clients in high-profile cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and Atlanta, effectively producing photography/videography/podcasting for an array of clientele.

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