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Keeping Up With CEOs: The Queen of Book Profiting, Taurea Vision Avant

Taurea Vision Avant is an Entrepreneur and Coach that shows others how to make 10K as an Author. In 2012, Taurea was a top leader in her network marketing business but hit a wall in her growth. Taurea tried to figure out a way to cross over into a space where she didn’t just impact those in the industry of network marketing but also in the traditional business world. She went to a seminar that talked about the power of being an author. From that conference, Taurea then invested over $10,000 into a business coach and started her journey to becoming an author.

The Hampton University graduate is an accomplished author who has over 15 books published. She uses her knowledge and skills to help teach others how to increase their sales by writing the RIGHT books. Most of her clients consist of professional speakers, coaches, and network marketers. You may have seen some of her work on ABC, Fox, CBS, and more! In 2009 she founded Show Your Success LLC where she has helped more than 5000+ speakers, coaches, and network marketers to write profitable books to grow their businesses.

In 2019, she founded a non-profit, Urban CEO Network, whose mission is to be the bridge between the Urban Community and business, career, finance, and wellness success.

In 2020, Taurea was able to also add the title of TEDx speaker to her resume where she was one of the first to ever do a virtual TEDx conference as a speaker.

Recently she has been featured on platforms such as We Empower Magzine, Hustle and Soul Magazine, Sheen Magazine, Hype Magazine, BIZBoost Magazine, and more!

Taurea Vision Avant’s work has proven that she deserves the title, The Queen of Book Profiting.

Currently, Taurea is working on expanding her book coaching business. She says that she’s been blessed to already help more than 5400+ speakers, coaches, and network marketers to become authors but her main focus now is not just helping men and women to become authors but helping them to be profitable.

Taurea is also planning to launch her wine which she believes is such a great combination with being in the book world and she looks forward to continuing to lead by example by building more strategic partnerships and collaborations.

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