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Karwanna D is Passionate About Changing The Lives of Entrepreneurs, One Business at a Time

The work that Government Contract Strategist, Karwanna D is doing with the Trillion Dollar Secret to Government Contracts is literally changing lives. Over the past 5 years, she has helped over 200 small business entrepreneurs generate over $3M+ in government contracts across the U.S. and growing. Most of them didn’t even know what an operational agreement was so they didn’t have their business set up for success at all.

Not only are they learning how to do business with the government, but they also learn how to fully optimize their business for funding, grants, contracts, business credit….etc. All the things you can leverage your business for to gain assets and generate massive income.

Karwanna D’s clients are landing contracts in record time. Some people who have been trying to figure out government contracting have been trying for years and still have not yet figured it out. With Karwanna D’s Trillion Dollar Government Contracts blueprint she has clients who are landing contracts in as little as 3–5 weeks, and her client Remy landed four contracts in his first 5 weeks of going through Karwanna’s program.

Gloria landed her first quarter of a million-dollar contract in just 9 months. Dominica landed her first contract in 5 weeks. These are the types of stories that are created in Karwanna D’s program while lives are being changed.

The skills and knowledge that they gain on how to get contracts is something they can do over and over again. Karwanna D didn’t have that roadmap when she was getting started. Karwanna D spent years trying to figure it out, now that she has, she is empowering others to do the same.

How did you get involved with becoming a co-author for “Unleash Your Undeniable Impact” with Les Brown and Dr. Sheryl Woods? What was that experience like for you?

One of the most essential steps a person would need to take in growing a thriving business is investing in their business. Both time and money. The opportunity for me to be a part of the Unleash Your Undeniable Impact co-author project came from me investing in my business to work directly with Dr. Sheryl Woods as my coach. She invited me as well as a handful of other clients in her program the opportunity to create a massive impact in this book and on stage while creating history with key figures such as Les Brown, Trent Shelton, Dr. George Fraizer, Stacia Pierce, and others. Sometimes you just have to be in the room and doors will open. I was just blessed to be in the room and honored to co-author such a powerful book with so many movers and shakers that I grew up watching and admiring on TV. It definitely was a full-circle experience.

We understand that you are a former TV Host. How cool is that! What sparked your interest in media and what went into your decision to step away from it?

I’ve always had a passion for production, both on camera and off camera and most people don’t even know that side of me. Over the years I’ve been able to produce independent TV shows where I’ve interviewed legends from Patti Labelle, Charlie Wilson, Fantasia, Genuwine, and famous comedians like Damon Williams, Mark Curry, and several others. I never stepped away from it. I just pivoted from creating entertainment content to now creating transformational business content.

Growing up as a young woman from the inner city, I’ve always wanted to get on big stages. In fact, I wanted to sing, which is why I created my own platform to get next to some of the world’s greatest entertainers. But then something sparked in me to want to be financially free where I can live the life of my dreams. And so I created a stage for business success and have opened the doors to help other entrepreneurs have the same success and the same freedom, leveraging government contracts as the vehicle to get us there.

As a 20-year business veteran. Why do you think it’s important more than ever for women and people of color to own their own businesses?

For me, owning my own business gave me the freedom to be a full-time mom without having to worry about where I’m going to leave my kids while I work long hours for somebody else. That was the thing that drove me to start my own business. Everything else came as a bi-product. But during the process of evolving into a successful black businesswoman, I discovered that there is so much power that comes with being your own boss. The benefits of it is being self-sufficient and never having to depend on anybody that may just pull the rug out from under you. That does happen. In fact, it happened to me before my business became successful. I don’t have to worry about that.

Of course, there are other benefits more tangible to entrepreneurship as well. It puts you in an immediate position to begin creating wealth and can put more money back into your bank account through the tax deductions at the end of the year. It also allows you to leverage business credit to access capital and to use “other people’s money” to access capital, create assets, invest in real estate and stocks, education and save towards retirement.

Being a woman entrepreneur who can position herself in this way is one of the most powerful things you can do considering history and how at one point we were expected to stay home, cook, clean and raise kids while the husband provided. And when he walked out women were left to depend on “the system”.

What an evolution! Women business owners are simply amazing.

The business owners who read our magazine daily would love to hear about the services you provide as a government contract strategist. What do they need to know and what can you assist them with?

For those of you who are reading this magazine that are women entrepreneurs, did you know in 2020 the US Federal Government spent nearly 10 trillion dollars on business products and services? of which 26% or 2.6 trillion was obligated to be spent with small businesses that included women-owned, minority-owned, and disadvantaged?

While women can check the box for all 3 of these categories, my question is did you get your piece of that pie? If not, what I do as a Government Contracts Strategist is show you exactly how to position yourself and your business to participate in that spending by showing you how to land the #1 biggest purchaser of business products and services in the world as your client.

This is one of the fastest ways to grow your business so that you’re not spending time chasing customers because the government is a guaranteed customer who’s already waiting for you with a check in hand.

This business model is completely failproof. In my latest book, Don’t Duck The Government, They Got Your Money I break down what it is, how it works, the types of contracts you can land and how to discover if the government is buying your stuff and they do buy everything.

I help women, as well as other minority small business entrepreneurs, get pre-qualified for government contracts in my 5 Day Challenge and I help you implement the complete blueprint and strategy I use to help my clients land over 3.5 million dollars in government contracting revenues over the past 3 years for their business in my Trillion Dollar Gov Con Accelerator coaching program.

Why is it important to build both business and personal credit? Can you share any misconceptions about business credit with us?

There’s a saying that goes “you gotta have money to make money” and this is so true. In order to reap the harvest, you gotta sew the seeds. In order to sew seeds, you gotta have them in the first place right? It works the same in business. You gotta have something to bring to the table. When you don’t have that, that’s where both business and personal credit comes into play. They give you leverage. And you want to have both.

Having good personal credit can open up lines of revenues that’s limited to your ability to pay and capped by your personal income. For example if you’re making a good $80,000-$120,000 with good credit and a low debt to income ratio (DTI), you can easily get approved for a $10,000 or $20,000 credit card. And that’s great because you can then take those funds to invest in your business.

When it comes to also building and having business credit, those credit limits for you are typically triple, and quadruple the limits you get on the personal side. This is how you can truly begin to create wealth by leveraging both.

When you have bad credit, fix it. If you don’t have business credit yet, start building it.

There’s no excuse and no reason why entrepreneurs shouldn’t be using this strategy. But this is not what they teach in the institutions of mis-education. It’s not common knowledge in typical black and brown communities, but it’s starting to be the topic of conversation.

It is the method you can use to literally go from nothing to prosperity with your business being the vehicle to get you there and the government can be your source to landing lucrative contracts to fuel your success.

Any insider business tips you can leave our readers with?

3 Tips I would like to share are:

1. Don’t Duck The Government, They Got Your Money. Doing business with the government is the #1 most lucrative way to grow a thriving business in record time that is fail proof and can sustain in any economy.

2. The key to succeeding in anything you want to accomplish, including government contracts you gotta Be, Do, Have. I’ll explain. In order to have the outcome you desire, in this case lets say hundreds of thousands in government contracts annually, you gotta do the work to get the. That requires action. To take action you need a blueprint so you know exactly how to do it. This is where having a coach or taking a class or learning the hard way comes into place. But neither of these things can or will be done until you become the person who takes the action so you can have the desired outcome.

Follow me. Be, Do, Have. This is the formula for success. The reason why so many entrepreneurs fail at business is because they’re doing a lot of things that can feel like a hustle to get the stuff they’re not prepared to have because they haven’t become the person that has that stuff. It works in divine order.

This is what I had to learn to be the successful woman entrepreneur I am today. I had to become. And that took a lot of personal and professional development so that I can shift my mindset as well as my actions and the output became success.

3. You gotta give yourself permission to be great regardless of your circumstances. Speak life. Avoid disempowering words like “I can’t”. And never give up. Because there’s a community of other women who’s very destiny is tied to your ability to walk into your superpower.

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