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Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Exclusive interview with bakery that helped make her day special

By K. Busch

Jessica Simpson turns 42 and shared on her Instagram stories some of the moments that made her day special including herself celebrating with a special red velvet cake. @drshicasbakery

Photo Credit: Jessica Simpson

Dr. Shica of Dr. Shicas bakery is from Southern California with a mission to deliver comfort in the form of a bakery box directly to your home. She specializes in home-baked flavors that brighten and comfort those that delight in her treats and baked goods.

When did you start Dr. Shicas bakery?

I started Dr. Shica’s Bakery after losing my corporate education job as a result of Covid. After our business closed, I leaned full time into my side hustle which was baking.

Tell us about the cake you prepared for Jessica Simpson.

I personally created Jessica’s favorite cake which is our Southern Red Velvet Cake. She’s a southern girl just like Dr. Shica where our cakes are homemade using real eggs, real butter and quality ingredients.

Our Red Velvet Cake is one of our most popular desserts and it is called Debra’s Red Velvet named after my mom’s recipe. It is irresistibly smooth and impeccably flavored with the perfect balance of cocoa and vanilla.

Topped with Dr. Shica’s Signature cream cheese frosting, it will absolutely melt in your mouth.

What is special about your bakery?

We are a commercial bakery that ships our desserts nationwide.

We sell our ready to eat desserts to bakeries & foodservice that sell our desserts.

We sell our ready-to-eat treats and cookie mixes to retail stores where their customers can purchase it there.

Our Vegan Cookie Mixes are going into all Gelson’s Grocery stores late this summer. We have been featured on Good Morning America and several TV producers have quickly spread the word about our brownies such as Doug Ellin, the Creator of the hit TV show, Entourage as well as Teri Weinberg, the producer of the hit TV show, The Office and Charlie Sheen loves our vegan cookies! Our desserts are southern inspired and made with real ingredients and people can quickly taste the difference!

What are some of the most requested items you make?

Red Velvet Cake, brownies, and cookies! Our vegan desserts are extremely popular as well because they taste just like or even better than the real thing! Our brownies are so popular that we can customers we ship them to in Paris, France!

Have you catered to many celebrities previously?

Yes, our bakery was grounded on celebrity appeal. When we first started selling desserts, we were doing pop-ups around LA. Doug Ellin, the Creator of the hit TV show, Entourage, tried our brownies and said they were the best brownies in the world! Since then, he has convinced mostly all his celebrity friends to try them including Teri Weinberg, the producer of the hit TV show, The Office and Charlie Sheen loves our vegan cookies! Even Famous Chef Ludo is a fan of our brownies.

Photo Credit: Lisa Whitmore Photography, Los Angeles

Recently, we have made gender reveal cake (pink velvet with surprise pink confetti inside) for Doug Ellin & actress girlfriend, Sara Sanderson as well as Actor Kevin Connolly & girlfriend Actress Zulay Henao’s daughter first birthday party cakes.

Photo Credit: Lisa Whitmore Photography, Los Angeles

Also, we just made a graduation dessert table for commercial real estate tycoon developer and co-owner of Happy Ice, Ted Foxman. Also, we are the official birthday dessert box vendor for “on air” talent at Fox Sports.

Photo Credit: Lisa Whitmore Photography, Los Angeles

Below includes a photo of Charlie Sheen as well with Doug Ellin, and Ted Foxman 

Doug Ellin’s has a new hit show titled, Ramble On and it’s in partnership with Ted Foxman through AngryLunch with one of its top stars Charlie Sheen which has many great reviews from fans everywhere.

The show follows established celebrities that are seeking ways to reinvent their careers, it also highlights aspiring performers looking to make their own name.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Doug Ellin

What was it like being recognized by Jessica Simpson?

When Jessica posted the birthday cake and that big smile, I immediately lost it.

I was like she’s one of my favorite designers, I have lots of her dresses and shoes in my closet and now I’m making her birthday cake! I was like someone please pinch me. I’m honored to have made her day.

Her manager, Anna, said Jessica said our Red Velvet Cake is one of the best she has had! She loves it!

Do you have any current goals for your bakery?

Yes! We are extremely excited that our Vegan Cookie Mixes are rolling out into grocery stores as well as our ready to eat cookies. Also, we are in discussion with QVC to offer our gourmet desserts on their show! We have some extremely exciting things brewing!

Customers can purchase on our website. 

We do custom orders, dessert tables for parties, corporate caterings and events.

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Jul 14, 2022

I have known Kat for about 3 years now. We are both admins in Facebook Poetry Society, the biggest poetry group on Facebook, and she continues to impress with her writing skills each and every time she shares something new. The rest of us are so proud of her for her many achievements, as she continues to show so much promise, for a solid future as a professional in journalism. Thanks Kat, for all your glorious gifts to our craft!


Jul 13, 2022

I really enjoy your interviews with people from all walks of life! They are always interesting and I learn new things about each new interview! Keep up the great work!


What a great article! Happy birthday Jessica! I love the pictures and would love to try that cake! Thanks for always writing such great articles Katrenia! You are a great journalist and congrats on the promotion!


I love this article!! 😍 Great job!

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