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Jamila Johnson is a phenomenal woman, to say the least.

The finest imperfection you may meet. I drawing your attention as she steps on the scene. There is more than meets the eye when your booking with Jai. A gifted young woman. She’s a Singer, Model, Actress, Writer all that while studying entertainment law. She takes her place in the world with a smile on her face a Phenomenal Woman when booking with Jamila.

What made you decide to be a model?

When I was about 10 years old a recruiter from Barbizon modeling and acting school visited my school for career day. I went home that day with the brochure and asked my parents to enroll me in. The next year they enrolled me.

Who is your inspiration or role model?

Beverly Johnson, Naomi Campbell, Iman, and Tyra Banks.

What modeling experience do you have?

I have runway experience as well as photoshoot experience. In Sports, Lingerie, Couture fashion, high fashion.

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What do you enjoy most about modeling?

I enjoy the time I can be myself. Whether it’s during a photoshoot or on the runway.

What are some of your biggest modeling accomplishment.

New York Fashion week of course. Also this year I got to experience being a designer/model assistant in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee at the victoria henley's magnifique show in May 2022.

How do you prepare for a new photo shoot?

I get my makeup bag and shoes together the night before. I usually do basic makeup the day of or just put on some lashes. I try to look up some new poses as well just to have some fresh in my memory.

Who is your favorite designer and why?

I don’t think I have a favorite designer at this time.

Why should an agency hire you?

Because I am a very hard worker.

I take criticism well. I also listen and follow directions well. I am very professional and good to work with. Overall a great person to be around and I get the job done.

What is your message to our Heart Of Hollywood Magazine readers?

Never give up. Keep pursuing your dreams no matter what. Always shoot for the moon even if you miss you’ll land amongst the stars.

Social media links:

Instagram: @Jaisofire

Facebook: Jai Johnson

Twitter: @Jaisofire

Snapchat: @Jaisofire

TikTok: @Jaisofire

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