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Interview With Michael Jackson Tribute Artist, Wonderouz

Robert Scruggs goes by the stage name “Wonderouz”. As a kid growing up in Memphis, Tn, the ‘King of Pop’ was always his inspiration. Michael Jackson’s artistic expression through dance and song touched and changed his life throughout the decades. Wonderouz has taken on many stages with performances in New York, Texas, North Carolina, Atlanta, as well as locally in Memphis, TN.

Closely examining Michael’s grand artistry, Wonderouz continues to keep his artistic style alive through his performances. There are numerous impersonators and tribute artists worldwide, however, Wonderouz can be described as the closest thing to the ‘King of Pop’ in concert. He has a raw and natural talent with no formal dance training. Wonderouz aspires to keep Michael’s legendary entertainment alive. The legacy lives on through him.

What was it about Michael Jackson that captured your heart?

Wonderouz: The essence of him. The different personality from anyone who I had ever seen before was like never before & still to this day I have the same effect. I grew up with his music. He did a little bit of everything & he was always himself. He never wanted to be like anyone else. For people all over the world to have the same effect in seeing him. He was the ultimate love performer & for me to capture people’s hearts to give them the same essence I have in my heart to spread.

Describe the moment of deciding to keep his legacy alive?

Wonderouz: Hmm…I’ve never not wanted to keep it alive. Since I could dance I’ve always represented. No matter what people had to say about him or my admiration for him.

How have you been embraced so far as an MJ Tribute Artist?

Wonderouz: To a certain extent. I'm looking for bigger platforms for more people to find out who I am & get more shows & etc. I'm hoping to do the upcoming biopic as Michael Jackson.

What is your favorite MJ move?

Wonderouz: Lol, my favorite move would have to be the circle moonwalk. I really can’t think of a certain move but my favorite choreography to dance is Ghost/2Bad.

What was the last MJ Song you listened to and how did it make you feel?

Wonderouz: One of my megamix creations. I mix up his multi-tracks to make a reimagining of a new composition of his songs for me to perform & everything about the layers of the tracks gives me chills just hearing it. So mixing it is a feeling within itself!

If you could have had the chance to speak to him, what would you have said?

Wonderouz: I have so many questions but of all things…I would ask him the details behind the victory tour/album& why did it end & was he not so interested in finishing it. I could go on & on what I would’ve asked or said to him but that’ll finish up the pages lol.

What do you want new MJ fans to know about him?

Wonderouz: Everything he stood for & how all of the proof of the allegations had always been out there. All he wanted was world peace & just to be the best entertainer he could ever be.

What else would you like our readers to know about you?

Wonderouz: I would like for people to know that even though MJ isn’t with us anymore that I’m here to continue what I think he wanted to do & once I get to that level I will spread the same love he gave to me from him to those who need & love the entertainment of the king

What are you currently working on?

Wonderouz: I’m currently working on a short film as Michael would call it for the world to see. I'm currently getting new costumes & locations set.

Any upcoming performances?

Wonderouz: As far as I know, there is a wedding ceremony in June of 2022.

How can we follow your work?

Wonderouz: I’m on

Instagram as @wonderouz_

Facebook: Wonderouz

TikTok: @wonderouz

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