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Interview with Entrepreneur and Author, Crystal Perkins on Manifestation, Goals, and Business

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Crystal Perkins, CEO of God and Goals Inc. is the New Hit-Author of “Mediocrity to Manifestation” 30-Day Devotional. The book also has a Manifestation Planner to go right along with it.

Crystal is a 7-Figure earner and Christian woman of power. Her brand helps with shifting from mediocrity to manifestation and helping women to prioritize and MANIFEST abundant living.

Her ability to shift women into embracing and winning as the woman of purpose, impact, and substance they desire to be is impeccable. Her talents and love for the industry and the cause, come naturally to her. Sharing her gift and uplifting women globally has been a dream come true.

Heart of Hollywood Magazine obtained an exclusive interview with Crystal.

We love the mission that you are on and the positive messages you bring to others. Why is it important for people to read your new book, Mediocrity to Manifestation?

Growing up in the church and religion since childhood made me question why many women of faith and families speak faith from their mouths yet they choose fear, complacency, lack, and poverty daily. To be honest I got tired of seeing GOD’s people particularly black women + families struggle yet sing, pray, and shout Sunday after Sunday about their next breakthrough. My biggest desire is to see faith-filled women and families shift from mediocrity and truly live in the abundance GOD promised them. Manifestation and Abundant living is a never-ending journey. It takes continuous work, unlearning, change, and so much more. I felt the book would give readers a better understanding of what it truly takes to build the life of Abundance that they desire and the one they’ve spent years praying for.

What was the journey like for you while writing the book?

Although it’s my very first book, the journey was easy. I booked a staycation with my biggest supporters; my Husband and Daughter. I focused and got it done in TWO days. I feel like writing the book was easy because I was just putting my lifestyle and the journey I’ve been on for years on paper. It was easy because I’ve truly live what’s in this book on a daily basis. I don’t just talk about Manifesting, Goal Setting, Becoming, etc. It’s a lifestyle for me. I have truly applied each page of this book to my daily life the last 10+ years.

Can you share with us some gems about the practices of manifestation from your experience?

BECOMING HER! Doing the interpersonal work to heal, grow, evolve and become the woman of substance, purpose, and impact! This has been my biggest shift to manifest all the desires of my heart.

Shift how you pray. Too many women of faith are wasting years begging GOD for what they did. Once you begin to activate your faith and the power within, you shift from begging to doing the work to create the life you desire.

Writing my Monthly goals + desires out into 4 categories: Personal, Family, Business, Other, and meditating on them throughout the month.

Putting a plan and strategy in place for each goal and desire.

Please tell us about your companies and what they mean to you.

GOD + GOALS, was revealed to me during a season of elevated transformation and expansion. GOD told me I had the responsibility to show others how to win by putting him first in the marketplace. GOD said it was time for women to stop writing their visions year after year and start living and building them. He told me it was my job to provide other women of faith with the blueprint to transform, build and manifest. The transformation, blueprint, and strategies to help women shift is done through our women empowerment events that we host throughout the year. We’re committed to helping women elevate their mindsets, gain clarity on their goals, turn their gifts + purpose into six-figure empowerment brands, and manifest new levels of abundance.

Crystal Perkins + Company is an extension of GOD + GOALS. Through this brand, we provide high end support and coaching for women who desire to elevate their brands through empowerment, lifestyle products, coaching, and hosting successful events. This company provides long term coaching for women who are ready to manifest 6–7 figure businesses, unlimited freedom, create generational wealth, and build legacies through their gifts and purpose.

What else would you like our readers to know about you and the work that you do?

I don’t have a rag-to-riches story. I grew up in a working middle-class family and simply decided to become more! Not for just myself, but for my family, community, and generations to come. I think it’s time for all women of faith to believe that Abundance is Your Birthright. We don’t have to settle. We don’t have to stay in mediocrity. All it takes is a decision. A decision to give GOD your yes, start building, and never look back.

What is a motivational quote you can leave our readers with?

You Deserve What You Desire. Start Building and MANIFEST IT!

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