By K Busch

Heart of Hollywood Magazine’s exclusive look into some of the “Top 30 Lesser Known Actors” according to an article published in IMDb, we reached out to Rachel Noll James who made the list according to an article on IMDb, she is a director, producer and most applaudable an award-winning screenwriter. Some of her best-known roles include ‘Don’t Pass Me By’ ‘Malibu Road’ and ‘The Storyteller’. She was named Best Feature Writer in 2014 at LA Femme Festival and was recognized in 2015 in the Page Screenwriting Awards as she was awarded the Silver Prize. She has also been noted and recognized for her work in short films including ‘Follow The River’ and ‘Half Light’.

After speaking with some of her fans and compiling some questions for Ms. James, we placed the questions and her responses for you below:

What’s the most favorite thing you have had to do or experience so far in your career?

That’s a hard question! I’ve had so many different experiences that were impactful for many different reasons. I love the people I’ve met and the roles I’ve gotten to play and write as well as the incredible learnings that happen on each set. I’m a better person for each project I’ve been a part of.