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By K Busch

Mr. Robert Shearn III is an Actor and Model who's appeared in Mysteries at the Museum as Louis Armstrong which aired on the Travel Channel. He's also appeared on For My Man as a Police Officer and Thou Shalt Not as Special ATF Agent which both aired on TV One.

Mr. Shearn is also a Nudist and well known for his appearance on Celebrity Watch Party episode 5 on Fox TV which was based on the British series Googlebox. Mr. Shearn appears in the episode in his scene taken from My Feet Are Killing Me season 1 episode 4 which aired on TLC and in the UK on Questred. Mr. Shearn has appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, OCNJ Daily, Hollywood Times, Daily Mail, Pop Culture, The Gentleman Racer as well as Pop-Culturalist.

Below are some links to some of his appearance:

Mr. Mature America 2019: Heart of Hollywood reached out to some of his fans and gathered some questions for the exceptionally talented Mr. Shearn and below are some of the questions along with his responses. Daniel from Indiana asks, where did you grow up?

I grew up in New Jersey.

Martin from Texas asks, what was Celebrity Watch Party Like? I screamed with excitement watching Me on Celebrity Watch Party on Fox episode 5 with Celebrities like Tyra Banks, Raven Symone, Sharon Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, Ozzy Osbourne, Master P, Romeo Miller, Curtis Stone, Lindsay Lohan and Reggie Bush watched Me on TV after I been watching them on TV for years and the nation could see them react to me on My Feet Are Killing Me on TLC, season 1 episode 4.

At what age did you decide you wanted to pursue a career in acting?

I was in my mid 40's.

Mary from Michigan writes in, would you consider dating a fan? It's possible depending on how good the connection is.

Do you have a favorite actor or actress? The Legendary Sidney Poitier who changed Hollywood by opening up doors and is the first Black Oscar Winner for Best Actor in the 1963 film “Lilies of the Field.”

Do you have a favorite movie? Every since I was a little boy it's been the movie, To Sir With Love starring Sidney Poitier. Also the movie Grease starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton John.

Out of the roles you have played, which one has been your favorite?

Louis Armstrong was a honor to play because he is a Legend and was a Activist.

Do you have a favorite hobby? Gym fitness.

Kevin from Missouri asks, what is it like being a nudist? When did you become a nudist?

I've been a Nudist for 20 years. It's very relaxing and free. Being a Nudist also lead me to being a Nude Figure Model for Artists, Art Schools and Art Students.

What are your current goals or ambitions? My goal is to have a bigger role in a major motion movie and a recurring role on a TV series.

What’s something that would be important for other aspiring actors to know?

Being an Actor is so inconsistent. It's like a roller coaster. When you’re busy, you are busy and everything is moving fast but then when it slows down you don’t know when your next project is going to come. The slow periods can be difficult to get thru. It really has to be your passion for you to stay focused and keep going. Then nothing will get in your way.

What’s something that you have rarely told anyone about yourself?

That I have Webb Toes. Wich, I revealed on My Feet Are Killing Me.

What’s your biggest strength?

Having the strength to take big risks.

What’s your biggest weakness?

I overcame my weaknesses.

Do you have a favorite band or musician?

Janet Jackson

Describe the perfect day, how would the weather be and what would you be doing? My perfect day would be sunny and warm in Jamaica at a resort on a nude beach with white sand and blue water. Relaxing naked under a tree on a blanket snacking on appetizers and sipping pina coladas in a pineapple. While listening to 70's R&B music with good company. Then taking a dip in the nice warm blue water.

Do you have any children or want them? I don't have any kids. If it's in God's plan in the future it will happen.

Do you have any travel destinations that you would like to visit? Rio De Janeiro

What’s your favorite food or drink?

Lobster tail dipped in butter, shrimp scampi, bleu cheese, cheesecake and Rasberry iced tea.

What’s your favorite season? Why? Winter. I love when the snow is coming down and the nice picture it makes covering everything. I like wearing Winter clothes and my mink fur coats. I like burning fireplaces and the smell of burning wood. I like drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows. When it snows during Christmas it's magical with Christmas decorations and lights.

Ronald from Maryland asks if you had one superpower what would it be and why?

Invisibility. This way I could go behind the scenes to see the corruption and underhanded crimes going on in the country then I can get evidence to report to authorities. So the criminals won't keep getting away with all their illegal crimes as long as they do.

Ashley from Michigan asks, what qualities do you look for in a relationship?

Openness, good communication, loyalty, honesty, trust, respect, being easy to get along with, likes to have fun and being willing to try new things.

Have you ever binge-watched a series? Which one?

Southern Charm New Orleans on Bravo. Thanks to all the fans for your interest and questions. Connect with Me at the links below. Cameo: Instagram: www Twitter: Facebook:

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Image Credit: Robert Shearn III

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