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Inspiration is the key motivator of creativity. Learn the 10 steps to master yours.

By Joseph Patrick Fair

Inspiration is valuable because it can help you achieve our goals and dreams. It can be found in many places from books, movies and conversations with friends and family. It could also come from within by reflecting on your own experiences and values.

It doesn't matter if inspiration comes from internal or external presuppositional origins. Inspiration can be a powerful tool to help stay motivated and focused on your goals.

After we develop perseverance, inspiration can be found in the words of those who have come before us such as the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr

Here are 10 steps to mastering your inspiration.

  1. Meditation.

  2. Journaling.

  3. Reading inspiring books.

  4. Taking a walk in nature.

  5. Listening to music.

  6. Talking to a mentor.

  7. Doing creative activities.

  8. Connecting to friends.

  9. Exploring new places.

  10. Practicing gratitude.

Here are real life examples of people mastering inspiration, Meditation: The life story of the buddha. Journaling: Oprah Winfrey started a gratitude journal. Reading inspiring books: Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill. Taking a walk in nature: Henry David Thoreau. Listening to music: Ludwig van Beethoven. Talking to a mentor: Benjamin Franklin. Doing creative activities: Margaret Naumburg. Connecting with friends: Mister Rogers Neighborhood. Exploring new places: Christopher Columbus. Practicing gratitude: the Dalai Lama.

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Like the people above, if you choose to master your inspiration your creativity will increase relative to your actions, decisions, methods and motives. Getting a mentor and looking to a mentor for inspiration is priceless.

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Joseph Patrick Fair is a father to college age twins Jenny and Ryan; they are the center of his universe.

He lives in West Michigan. Also, he is a retired Police Officer and Firefighter who served his community for over 25 years, after a near fatal on duty accident found his inner-author.

His writing is trademark courage and camaraderie with a sprinkling of small-town-ism.

On any given day, Joseph can be found writing or championing a philanthropic cause. He is a man of purpose and meaning in life. JPKF.

Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Contributor

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