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Inimical Drive

A decade of music returns to the Viper Room with “Enemy”

Contributing Author - Scott Stoltz – SCSSTUDIOFILMZ, LLC

Inimical Drive, a hard-hitting band that plays with passion and pure emotion continues to push the pedal to the metal ten years since signing their first record deal! It was 2012 when they packed up their gear and raced across the country to Orange County, California to track their 3rd album “Signal the Sirens”.

Metal-core Hard Rockers, Inimical Drive recently announced their return to the stage and performing live music in a post-pandemic world in support of their latest album “Enemy” released in 2020.

Excited to make their return to the west coast, Inimical Drive out of St. Louis Missouri will be in Hollywood, California on July 25th at the legendary Viper Room alongside heavy hitters The World Over, Through the Oculus (Metal Assault Records) and Against the Grave, presented by Tower 74 Concerts.

Last year the band took a stand and released the new album, “Enemy” in a time when music and performances had come to a complete stand still. After months of contemplating and pushing back the original release date due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the decision was made to release the EP as it was originally intended.

Like many artists who faced incredible challenges throughout the last year and their careers, the band is no stranger to setbacks. During the making of “Enemy” they dealt with lineup changes and the devastating loss of their friend and producer Matt Amelung. “It began to feel that we may never get to release this record to the world” says vocalist Joel Colby.

After Matt’s passing, they moved the tracking and mixing to Sicktones Studio with Producer Jack Daniels (War of Ages) and brought the album back to life. They were energized and ready for 2020 and then BOOM, COVID. With so much going into the writing and making of the EP, the band felt it was only right to release it as it was intended. Especially in a time when people were begging for something to connect to in a time of uncertainty and disconnect. The announcement of new music set a new tone for the band and their fans across the globe!

The timing was perfect! When Inimical Drive released the exclusive feature of “Reckoning”, the first single the new album, via Outburn Magazine in a high intensity performance video produced by Juan Ibanez. The Band gained national recognition once again.

Moving forward in positive motion, there was nothing left but to keep it going with the ‘movie like’ production of the title track “Enemy”. The second music video was produced by St. Louis favorite Jordan Phoenix, soon to be followed up by “Sacrifice”, this production was a live performance set in a socially distanced, limited capacity venue that enabled the band to finally reconnect with their fans.

John Mancuso with Tower 74 Concerts had worked with the band for years. When he resumed booking in California, he asked Inimical Drive to jump on the shows. Vocalist, Joel Colby stated, “We have worked with John in St. Louis and cities across the Midwest throughout the band’s career. It’s all family and experiences for us and that mindset has taken us many places, graced us with amazing fans and allowed us to do some incredible things, we are grateful!”

Check out the high energy live performances at their California gigs:

July 23rd at the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa -

July 25th at The Viper Room - in Hollywood.

You can find Inimical Drive on:

Listen to their music on:

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