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A Magician Reflects on the Nature of Reality

By Lion Badrey

“I’m a magician, me, as Lion Badree. I wonder what is that In this spaceship you call reality?

There is zero detail in others’ minds about who you are, where you are located, what age you are, and what sorts of responsibilities you deal with on a typical day.

Given the absence of detail, no one can visualize why you feel the way you do. So here is a generalized answer:

At some point in an introspective person's life, they have a subconscious realization about the absolute impossibility of reality.

All of your developmental years of childhood are spent becoming familiar with the world you are born into. In those years, whatever happens to you ends up expressing itself as an adult, once the age of adulthood is reached.

Childhood is a short but intense training program for adulthood.

When we are young, vulnerable and curious, the world is full of colors. Of truths spoken by our parents. Of raw emotion amongst peers. Of attachment to materials and locations. And a perspective of the world as a flat plane where mankind is and has always been king.

Then we go to high school and they teach us about planets and space and stars and gravity. All of this seems cool to most of us, but only the rarest of the bunch get incepted by this knowledge.

The rare ones connect the dots to realize that everything is absolutely nuts. Planets float. Dimensions exist. Time is irreversible. Color is a lie. Consciousness remains unsolved. And mankind is capable of self-destruction.

Once these dots are connected, it is hard for the child inside you to accept that what he or she had once understood about the world is not how it is.

When this internal tension arises between newfound knowledge and conditioned knowledge (things such as being told that you have to get good grades to be worthy of attention), one is able to mix reality with illusion.

Join The Club

But reality is an illusion.

And illusions have always been real.

Humans barely know anything about what things are. We simply know how they work here on Earth and we make guesses as to how they might work elsewhere.

I am a giant structure of dots talking to your mind through black shapes. When I was a child, I never thought that this could be a reality in which I could exist. Back then, my body seemed to be a unified fabric.

So what I would suggest is a celebration. You are lucky to have found it within your mental powers to realize that there is a lot more to be discovered.

Find time alone, play a favorite song, read this again. Then, I bet you won’t be able to keep from mustering a smile at the fact that your childhood dreams of being a space traveler have come true.”


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