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By Katherine Zammuto

During the almost three years I have been doing my Podcast Kat on the Loose -sex, dating & relationships, I come across dozens and dozens of dating profiles and speak to several dating coaches and experts. So here it is, in summary, what you can do to improve your dating profile and increase your chances of scoring better dates, and hopefully meeting your perfect someone!

1. DO NOT USE TOO MANY FILTERS, APPS, OR ANYTHING THAT ALTERS YOUR REAL IMAGE: This goes for both men and women and it is the TOP complaint about people on dating apps. People alter their photos so much that they look completely different in real life. A little make up and minimum retouching is fine of course, but make sure you are presenting a real picture of your best self.

2. MEN: PLEASE STOP POSTING PHOTOS HOLDING FISH, OR ANY OTHER ANIMALS FOR THAT MATTER: If you ever used any dating apps, it is very likely you came across a guy holding a fish…or in my case, a guy holding an iguana (yes!) and another guy with a raccoon on his should (I kid you not!) Why in the world these men thought posting with such creatures was a good idea to attract women is beyond me, but it is not – so please refrain from posting pics with any animals, unless it is your super cute pet dog or cat.

3. DON’T LIE ABOUT BASIC INFO SUCH AS YOUR HEIGHT AND WEIGHT: Simply put, whenever someone meets you face to face, they will see the real you, so lying about the basics upfront is really a waste of time.

4. GROUP PICTURES ARE NEVER A GOOD IDEA: The idea of a dating profile is to showcase yourself and who you are, and group pictures just make the process more confusing! Pick a few great photos of yourself, no props, glasses, hats, etc…simplicity is key!

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5. NO HALF NAKED SELFIES OR ANY SELFIES FOR THAT MATTER! Everyone should have at least two or three great photos that let their personality shine through – gym selfies showing your body are not a good way to represent yourself. Put a little effort into it, ask a friend or an assistant to take some photos and pick the best ones!

If you need help building a great dating profile or want me to give you an opinion about yours, please email me and it will be my pleasure!

Kat on the Loose – sex, dating & relationships podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, I Heart Radio.

If you have any questions or want to share your stories, please send us an email or follow me on Instagram @katzammuto and send me a DM. I would love to hear from you!!!

Much love always, Kat


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