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Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Teen Modeling Contest 2021

We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest and helped make it a success!

And a special congratulations to Ellie Pierce, the winner of the Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Teen Modeling Contest 2021. Her photo entry (see below) received 485 votes, the most of any entrant, and has been crowned the winner!

"I love everything about the arts! When I'm at a shoot, or on stage dancing/acting, I feel more alive than any other time!." - Ellie Pierce

Stay tuned for our next contests!

Ellie Pierce

Special Interests/Hobbies

Modeling, Dance, Jiu Jitsu

Photo: Ellie Pierce

Meet all the contestants

Brianni Walker

Special Interests/Hobbies

Skateboarding, writing poetry, being a film critic & red carpet co host, meeting new people

Nia Kent

Special Interests/Hobbies

Modeling, acting, traveling and art

Mason Wassink

Special Interests/Hobbies Wrestling, Boxing, Water sports, Weightlifting,

Fashion and Fitness Modeling, Runway Shows

Augustus Kuzanek

Special Interests/Hobbies

Soccer, Painting, Reading

Neela Jolene

Special Interests/Hobbies

Acting, Modeling, Singing, Dancing, Cheerleading, surfing

Jaylin Chanderz

Special Interests/Hobbies

Church, sing, dance, acting

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