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Happy Birthday, Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures!

By Sandy Rodriguez

Several years ago, I met a young girl by the name of Giovanna Salas. We were introduced by a lifelong friend of mine who had met her recently. He was impressed by her talent as an artist, and the fact that she was a burgeoning documentary maker. We hit it off right away.

Despite her young age, Giovanna started an entertainment company, excitingly called Heart Of Hollywood.

The company, as it was at the outset, was vastly different than it is today. Giovanna's intelligence, drive, and boundless energy keep the company growing exponentially-- and offering better services, products, and events--day after day and year after year.

At this time, what was once a tiny company encompasses a new streaming platform, movie productions, live and virtual events, model bookings, a magazine, fashion shows, contests, book marketing, a network of entertainment professionals, and so much more.

Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures has been involved in projects in Mexico, France, the Netherlands. the UK, Malaysia and many other countries. It has brand ambassadors in Asia and Africa.

The company focuses strongly on multicultural content. It gives a voice to both new and more established talent.

Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures is not my company, but I am as proud of it as if it were. I was its first video presenter and am now its magazine editor. As a recent book author, I turned to Heart Of Hollywood to help me plan and organize an impactful online book launch.

Today is the company's anniversary. Happy birthday, Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures!

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