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Actor Dave Shecter Ventures into Film Production and Hopes to Bring Attention to the Pacific Northwest

Dave Shecter has over 10 years of experience in video and film. He is currently working on his tenth feature film, with Mahal Empire Productions. This classically trained actor is now also venturing into production. 

You've had an impressive journey. How do you perceive your growth and evolution in the industry throughout these years?

I have grown in so many different ways over the past 10 years, emotionally, in the way I carry myself, in my attitude, and as to my confidence. I owe it all to my experience in the arts and entertainment industry. In the beginning, I was noticeably nervous when reading scripts, doing monologues, and speaking to large crowds, and now I can't do enough of this! I find myself talking to people more and more and opening up in ways I never used to.

What are your expectations and aspirations for your career as an actor in the coming years?

I'm trying to constantly evolve and become a better actor. I would like to get to a point where I could do this full-time and make a living at it. I'd be happy if I could get to that point, and of course, anything beyond that would certainly be welcomed. That's why I work so hard, holding down a 60-hour work week at my real job, and also writing, acting, directing, and flying around the country doing small roles in films when I'm not at my job. 

I'm putting myself out there as much as possible, talking to people, networking, and trying to make something happen because I love doing it. People often ask me how I do it, and I say that if you want something bad enough, you find a way.

You have made appearances in popular TV shows such as ‘Grimm’ and ‘Z-Nation’, and have been in numerous indie films and local TV commercials. How do you prepare for your roles in different mediums?

I try to research as much as I can about the production to get a feel for what they may be looking for. If it's a TV show, I'll watch past episodes to get acquainted with the characters and know the backstory. For indie films and commercials, I like to research the production company to find out what they've done. Once I've completed a production, I try to leave it behind and start fresh with the new film. I want to bring something different to each role and not repeat characters or actions. I do enjoy all types of acting. If I had a choice, I'd stick to feature films.

Could you share a particular highlight in your career?

I was in two episodes of Grimm in two different seasons, and I remember sitting in my dressing room, which was just big enough to change clothes in, and I thought to myself, “Wow, who would have ever thought I'd be here?” People came and knocked on my door, walked me out to the van, and drove me to the set, and I couldn't have been happier. That was pretty exciting for me.

You're now also venturing into film production with DayNight Pictures, a company you co-founded with Earl Gray. Can you share some insights into this new aspect of your career and what inspired you to take on this role?

Living in the Pacific Northwest is wonderful, and we have so much to offer here, but there aren't many well-known production companies here. So, Earl and I decided to start DayNight Pictures and try to bring some more attention to our region. We want to put out quality movies that fans and actors will enjoy.

Your academic background includes excelling in theater at Everett Community College. How has your education played a role in shaping your approach to acting, and do you have any memorable experiences from your time in theater?

As a child, I acted in school plays and other things, but my first real experience with acting was in theater in college. I remember being really nervous, but I also remember that each night it got a little easier because I made mental notes on where I would stumble. I would remember that the next night, and I learned that the more you do it, the better you get. This helps me now when I'm reading a script. I read my parts over and over so that I have them down when it comes time to shoot.

Beyond acting and production, what are some of your hobbies or interests?

I'm a songwriter. I play guitar and piano. I write songs and then record them in a studio with the rest of the band. We hire a singer to record vocals, and once the song is done, I come up with a music video, and we shoot it. I've got 15 or so songs recorded, and seven or eight music videos done. I'm also a certified scuba diver and and experienced skydiver.

Music often plays a significant role in the lives of performers. Can you tell us about music artists who inspire you?

Growing up, I loved John Denver, and that inspired me to pick up the guitar. I've always enjoyed the acoustic guitar. I have a little of everything in my music collection, from Neil Diamond to AC/DC to Celine Dion. Harry Chapin, Glen Campbell, Neil Young, all great stuff.

As you continue to navigate the dynamic entertainment industry, what are some personal or professional goals you've set for the near future?

I told myself this is my year. I have a new website for acting. I'm getting new headshots. Earl and I are putting out two feature films. One is currently in post-production and the other is in the works. I'm getting ready to release my new song and the music video, and I'm also writing more songs.

Lastly, what advice do you have for aspiring actors or other individuals looking to make a mark in the film and television industry?

If you want it, go and do it. Don't keep putting it off or wait on others. Make it happen yourself.


PH: 425-737-9033


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