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Meet Glenn Ratcliffe

Updated: May 2, 2023

Professional soccer player who discovered acting and has been working in theater, television and movies ever since.


I was born in Scotland and later became a professional soccer player. I discovered acting and have been acting ever since. I have worked in theater, television and movies. I have written two screenplays and I love to collaborate with like minded people. I will go the extra mile to make my performance exceptional.

What inspired me to pursue a career in acting and how did I get started in the industry?

I never dreamt of being an actor but I always had a fascination with plays. And when I saw characters on TV, I could empathize with them and easily become them, I drifted into it by mistake when I took my friend to an acting class where they were doing an improvisation scene where I was in a locker room and my team had lost the game, being a former pro soccer player I had an immediate connection to the emotional empathy needed for the part, so it was easy for me; the teacher loved it, I said “I was only being truthful in imaginary circumstances”. The teacher said: “That’s what acting is! The rest is history.”

What has been your most challenging role to date, and how did you prepare for it?

My most challenging role to date, was the role I played in Shaking Cup, a homeless opera singer, who was riddled with guilt because of the death of his daughter, and came from fame to homelessness, and the ghost of his daughter, returned and resurrected him. This movie won many awards on the independent film circuit. I’ve included a link of the highlights, also playing Oscar winner Diane Keaton’s. Husband and Justin Bieber’s granddad in the music video Ghost which has over a quarter of 1 billion views which was very enjoyable. I’ve included a link here of my work:

How do you handle rejection and criticism in the industry, and what advice do you have for aspiring actors who face these challenges?

How do I handle rejection and criticism in the industry and what advice do you have for aspiring actors to face these challenges? First of all, you must love yourself, and you must do the best that you can. That way you’re not a failure, never give people outside of you any power over you, you create your reality. People's opinions are just that ,their opinions strive to be the best you can never give up, be grateful, humble and always come from love, and remember everyone you meet is god in disguise!

Can you describe your role as a producer, and what are some of the key responsibilities you have on a film or television project?

My role as a producer and the responsibilities I have for my TV project Macintosh and my movie Tested. I feel any artists first responsibility is to tell the truth, and be aware, of the current collective consciousness, and move in ways to elevate the consciousness, and produce a loving harmony on the planet through truth, love and storytelling; I believe that’s the foundation that we must stand on and not be tempted and not be swayed by outside forces but stand strong on love truth, and faith


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How do you go about selecting projects to produce, and what do you look for in a script or concept?

What I look for in a script is not so much sensationalism and gross elements like sex and drugs and violence, but sublime truths movies like the movie It’s a wonderful life that stands the test of time, the tragedy is reality shows are more popular than Shakespeare because the collective consciousness is so low and the people prefer “gossip” over truth, because the people who are calling the shots are giving out low level, consciousness, movies to sell tickets and play on mans base instincts (the ego) I choose projects with a message. The purpose of the Tested movie, is to spiritually liberate mankind from bondage, set people free, and create a heaven on earth.

From your perspective as a screenwriter describe your process for writing a screenplay, from initial idea to the make a picture?

My process of writing, screenplay from idea to making a picture- I use the Enneagram personality type to try to engage all spectrums of personality because all people view reality differently depending on their spiritual evolution. It could be predominantly kinesthetic, emotional or visual, so I try and create a mixture, so everyone can identify with my story

What is your approach to working with directors, writers, and actors, and how do you balance creative input with financial considerations?

My approach to working with directors writing actors how to balance the creative input with financial considerations -the first thing is you must keep an open mind if you look at the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band of all time, the Beatles, an unlikely mix of characters, the four lads, Brian Epstein, and George Martin, we can never have preconceptions because everyone has value, everyone’s important, and I think it’s important that you humble yourself and connect to the person on a spiritual level and find out what they’re about. The creative aspect is a synergetic approach of energy and congruence with the objective of the project. The Financial will come with synchronized minds, but you must never compromise your vision, stay true to yourself, stay true to truth, be grounded in love and compassion for humanity.

Can you please share some of the projects that you are currently working on?

I’m currently working on Tested the movie and a follow up TV series called Macintosh which is a cross between Columbo and kung fu, where the preacher becomes a private investigator the stories, will invoke socially conscious change-makers, who have there Pulse on the “true reality”. The first episode is about why old people die in the hospital when their insurance runs out; I also have a world peace movement that’s been written up in India, China, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, United Kingdom, and America this is an ongoing movement to create heaven on earth through podcasts education, sharing (, I’m also developing a music division and a product line including clothing, wallpaper, toys, vegan restaurants, and an animation TV series for children.

What is your message to our Heart Of Hollywood Magazine audience from your perspective as an actor, producer and screenwriter?

My message to the Heart Of Hollywood Magazine audience is believe in yourself believe in love, never give up on your dreams know that you’re special, be simple, compassionate and grateful.

Glenn Ratcliffe


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