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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Winner Lotte Dirchs Believes That Our Individual Differences Make Us Beautiful

Please tell us about yourself and why you decided to enter the Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Cover Model Contest.

My name is Lotte Dirchs and I am 22 years old. I was born and raised in the Netherlands and I still happily live there. I study International Business Communication at the University of Nijmegen. Furthermore, I participate in pageants and I model. At the moment, I am very thankful to be the holder of the “Supermodel Netherlands 2020/2021” title. I also love sports, reading, cooking, and making music. I am always in a cheerful mood and I believe a smile is the best accessory you can wear.

Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Cover Model: Lotte Dirchs

Photographer: Johny ten Have-Hairstyling: Sanjay Ramcharan for Addict Haarlem Jewelry: BaroQco Jewelry Couture-Makeup: Dave Sewtahal for Seductive Glamor Backstage video: Robin and Stefan - 12 Months Of Beauty Fashion-Designer: Bjorn Kersten Sponsors Glamour Faces-Model Agency-Choose To Prevail-CIM Exclusive Models-Moda Belleto-Oogappel

I decided to enter the Heart Of Hollywood Cover Model Contest because I believe it is an amazing opportunity to tell my story through Heart Of Hollywood Magazine. Growing up, I never thought a girl like me could be a cover model, and I want to inspire others to believe in themselves as well. When I was three years old I was bitten by a dog and this resulted in a big scar on my cheek. I was bullied a lot for this and this made me feel very bad. Because of the bullying and other bad experiences, I developed depression, which I fought very hard to overcome. Being on the cover of the magazine I want to show others that we all have scars. These scars can be physical, but they can also be mental. Our scars are what make us unique and we should celebrate them. I want to show that diversity is beautiful and that we should all embrace ourselves the way we are. Our differences make us beautiful.

Was modeling always your dream when you were growing up?

Growing up, I wanted to become a model. This really was my dream, but, sadly, I got a lot of rejections from modeling agencies. I never knew exactly why, if it was because of my scars or if there were other reasons why they did not want to sign me. After a while, the pressure on myself became too high. I did not have a lot of confidence in myself, and this was also because I was bullied. So I then decided to give up on my dream. It was a few years later that I decided to start modeling again, as a hobby. Later on, I combined modeling with pageants. I am very happy that I now get to do what I love. Unfortunately, I have still not signed with a modeling agency, but I do truly believe that I am living my modeling dream now, and combining it with my other interests in life.

Can you tell us about the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a small but beautiful country in the center of Europe. I grew up in the south of the Netherlands, in the countryside. We have a lot of very nice, old cities. Something that I think is very unique are the canals that run through the cities and the typical Dutch buildings. There are also beautiful nature areas and forests where you can go for walks. Another very Dutch thing to do is ride a bike. We take our bikes everywhere and it is a great mode of transportation. Riding my bike always gives me a great sense of freedom. Additionally, although Dutch cuisine isn’t a well-known highlight, I think we have great sweets such as stroopwafels, which are syrup waffles, though not like your typical waffle. If you ever get the chance I would really recommend trying those! Lastly, I feel very fortunate to have been born in the Netherlands, as we have a good health and education system. The Netherlands feels to me like a very organized country.

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What are the most important traits you think are required for success in modeling?

I think that your mindset and work ethic are the most important things when you want to succeed in modeling. Of course, your looks matter, but the way you take on the work and the way you work jointly with the rest of the team is key. Often people think that being a model is an easy job, but it really requires a lot of hard work and it is important to always push yourself to evolve and get better. Furthermore, I believe that to get the best results when modeling, you should really view it as a team effort. You are working together with other talented professionals, and when you work together as a good team, it really pays off. As a model, you should always be kind and respectful towards everyone and really work together.


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What is your favorite thing about modeling?

What I love most about modeling is bringing visions together. You are responsible for showcasing the artistic work of others and you are the one who really brings it to that next level. When I am modeling I feel like I transform into a different person according to the concept of the shoot or runway. I really feel myself change when I put on certain looks or when we try certain concepts. I love how I can be so many different versions of Lotte. Modeling really puts me in a happy place and I always see it as a form of art.

What is the most challenging aspect of modeling as a profession?

Unfortunately, modeling for me is not a full-time profession. I do it on the side now. So for me, I would say the most challenging part is to turn it into your actual profession. It is really important to meet the right people at the right time. There are many people out there who want to be professional models and it is a difficult field to get into. I am still trying hard to make it my profession.

How do you prepare for a photoshoot or a runway?

The day before a photoshoot or runway, I always make sure that I get enough rest. Being and feeling fit is very important. I make sure I get a good night’s sleep and that I have taken proper care of myself. On the day itself, I also try to avoid stress and not worry too much. Sometimes I still get nervous when I have an important assignment, but I always envision it going very well and I always give myself a little pep talk to boost my self-confidence. Most importantly, I try to enjoy every moment, even when it is just preparing before the shoot. I am very thankful to be experiencing all of it and I always take some time to let that sink in.

Please describe the experience of working with Heart Of Hollywood Magazine, 12 Months of Beauty, BaroQco, and the whole production team in the Netherlands in order to make the cover come to life.

Working together with the whole production team was an absolute joy! I had an amazing day and everything went so well! The makeup, the hair, the jewelry, the location, the photographs-- everything was perfect! The team is so incredibly talented. They are true artists and professionals! We also laughed a lot and had a great time on set. It was a day to never forget. I really want to thank the whole team from the bottom of my heart!

What are your plans for the future?

Aside from getting my Master’s degree and starting a job in the field of communications, I would really love to take my modeling to the next level. Unfortunately I have not signed with a modeling agency yet and this is really something that I am looking forward to in the future. Modeling is a great passion of mine and I would love to be doing it on a full-time basis. In addition to that, I will keep participating in pageants to share my voice and my message even further. Last year I started out with my first pageant at 12 Months of Beauty and this has really also become a great passion of mine. I am still thankful every day that I get to experience all of this, and I would love to learn and grow with them even more in the future.

Do you have any advice for those who want to start modeling?

What I think is very important is that you stay true to yourself and become self-confident. The way you carry yourself is very important. If you do not believe in yourself, how will others believe in you? Rejections will also be a big part of the beginning of your modeling journey and you should not let this get to you. We all face rejection, but if you really want to achieve something, you need to keep on going forward. Try to always learn from every experience you have. Keep an open mindset and keep on growing. Lastly, there is not one set path to becoming a model; there are many possible paths. Try to find the best one path for yourself and really go for it!

What is your favorite food? What about your favorite color and song?

I enjoy all good food and trying different types of cuisine, but if I had to pick a favorite it would probably be a good Indian curry. I love all the different spices and the complex tastes. As my favorite color I would probably say dusty rose. I love pastel or vintage-looking shades. And my favorite song at this moment is “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac. I love the lyrics of this song and it has a special meaning for me. I also had the wonderful opportunity to hear them play this song live two years ago and it will be a memory I treasure forever.

What do you think about Heart Of Hollywood Magazine and what is your message for its readers?

It’s an amazing magazine. What I love the most is that it does not only include fashion, lifestyle and travel content, but that it is also a platform for empowering and inspiring individuals and sharing stories. I believe that is what makes it unique.

My message for all the readers would be to embrace your differences, like your physical or mental scars, and show these differences proudly! All scars and differences are unique, and they make you you! Love yourself to the fullest and never let what other people say influence how you see yourself. Always go after your dream, even when others tell you it is not possible.

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